Lucas DPS throttle shaft kit for Land Rover 2.5 TD engines


Fits pump number 8520A290A

If you require the kit for the normally aspirated engine see HERE

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This kit has the throttle shaft. top cover gasket, four fibre washers for the studs that hold the cover on, and one o-ring for the throttle shaft

This kit is for solving fuel leaks from where the throttle shaft enters the top cover of the pump. Sometimes only the O ring needs replacing and we sell these separately. These leaks tend to be more noticeable in cold weather, and can allow fuel to run back to the tank making the engine difficult to start without priming the pump. In some circumstances, the top cover itself can be badly worn and will need replacing, as no separate bush is fitted to these. We can supply this but please ask for a quote with your pump number.

This kit is specifically for Land Rover DPS applications with pump number 8520A290A and includes part number 285, 294, 270 and 375 on the exploded diagram

This DPS pump is commonly fitted to 2.5DT Land Rover 90 and 110 models from the mid eighties with engine code 19J. If you require the kit for the normally aspirated engine see HERE