BMW X5 Subframe Bush Replacement Tool Hire/Rental


35 per week including delivery!


We can now offer the RENTAL of a heavy duty subframe bush replacement tool for the BMW X5 E53 rear subframe mounting for 7 days.

The tool will be supplied complete and ready to use and delivered to your door by courier (please allow two days for the tool to arrive) Once the tool is delivered, you have 7 days to use and return it at your cost. This enables all four rear subframe bushes to be replaced without the need of a ramp, or removal of the subframe. A very common problem on X5s noticeable by a clunking noise from the boot area especially when changing from forward/reverse and on undulating surfaces.

 This price is for mainland UK only for Highlands and Islands, please enquire for cost.


Meyle Heavy Duty bushes can also be supplied for 80 per set of four we recommend these for keeping the feel of the car the same as original, but with the added strength over OEM bushes. Please add this cost if you also require bushes to be supplied or request a Paypal invoice.

A 200 refundable deposit will be required in addition to the rental cost and will be refunded once the tool has been returned complete, undamaged and in working condition. The image below shows what will be supplied. The fee and deposit are taken through Paypal, please follow the checkout links to complete purchase.

Any extra days rental will be charged at 5 per day, up to a maximum of 7 extra days. If for any reason the tool is not returned after 14 days, you will forfeit your deposit and you will be deemed to have purchased the tool. Likewise, if the tool is returned damaged or incomplete, you will be charged for replacement or repair out of your deposit at our discretion.  






Instructions for use