Siemens/Bosch CP3 Driveshaft Seal 32mm outer diameter


Viton and Nitrile seals have several very crucial differences that make them especially well suited to certain applications. While both Viton and Nitrile seals both serve as great sealing options at moderate temperatures, Viton is far superior to Nitrile for high temperature applications. Viton seals provide an indefinite seal for temperatures up to 200°C, and for temperatures up to 300°C they offer an excellent seal for more than 48 hours. Nitrile on the other hand is only effective up to 120°C. However, Nitrile seals provide a low temperature sealing option with effective sealing down to temperatures of –30°C, while temperatures below -15°C render Viton seals ineffective as they become quite hard and inflexible.

Along with temperature, other environmental conditions differentiate these two seals. An exceptionally broad range of chemical resistances make Viton seals a perfect option for most applications involving oils, fuels, and mineral acids, and these seals also boast excellent resistances to oxidation, ozone, UV exposure, weather, fungus, and mold. While also boasting some chemical resistances, Nitrile is much less universally resistant than its Viton counterpart suffering degradation from weather and ozone exposure. For most circumstances, however, this is not an issue, and Nitrile seals also offer the benefit of superior abrasion and tear resistance making them more suitable for more heavy duty industrial applications.

Both of these sealing options offer an extensive list of diverse applications, and they both serve as excellent general purpose seals. Nevertheless, to optimize your choice in seals be sure to consider the advantages and disadvantages of these two exceptional seals.



Oil Seal for Common Rail Siemens and Bosch CP3 pumps

This seal has a 32 mm outer diameter and this varies from pump to pump so please check before ordering…

Fits the following pumps:

0445010033  0445010081  0445010091  0445010093  0445010095  0445010096  0445010120  0445010127  0445010135  0445010143  0445010144  0445010145  0445010149  0445010153  0445010167  0445010168  0445010190  0445010210  0445010211  0445010228  0445010244  0445010245  0445010246  0445010264  0445010323  0445020041  0986437355  0986437356  0986437361  0986437386

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Seal Material

Nitile Buna (NBR), Viton