CAV AA manuals


A typical stamping is AAL6A75/IELGRP4

AA – Basic type of pump
L – Camshaft assembly (i)
6 – No.of pumping lines
A – Design change letter
75 – Element plunger dia (ii)
/ – Dividing stroke
1 – Individual features number
E – Standard excess fuel device fitted
E – Non-standard excess fuel device fitted (The letter “A” instead of “L” indicates automatic excess fuel device fitted)
G – Governor fitted (iii)

i) Camshaft assembly letters looking on inspection cover side of pump “L” or “R” indicate:

L – notched end of camshaft at L.H. end (when facing inspection cover)
R – notched end of camshaft at R.H. end (when facing inspection cover)

ii) Element plunger diameters in tenths of mm. 50, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 or 90

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