Mefin DPA Cross References

The following DPA pump numbers starting with ’38’ are manufactured by Mefin but have a CAV equivalent when comparing parts numbers. Please see the tables below for details:

3833F390, 3833F380, 3833F661, 3849F771, 3849F951, 3822F011, 3822F011, 3233F270, 3832F050, 3233F410, 3832F030, 3832F051, 3832F050, 3832F256, 3832F235, 3842F060, 3842F060, 3842F060, 3842F415, 3842F310, 3842F265, 3862F235, 3830F030, 3830F070, 3230F180, 3830F560, 3833F261, 3840F938, 3241F102, 3841F350, 3841F360, 3241F490, 3848F391, 3848F451, 3863F670C, 3862F010, 3842F411, 3848F100, 3848F110, 3848F230


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