Spare parts for Delphi DFP3 common rail pumps

The DFP3 high pressure pump marks a change from the DFP1 concept. The transmission drive shaft and cam assembly for this pump are replaced by a shaft with an eccentric part connected to push rods. This eccentric is rotated by the pump transmission shaft. Its specific rounded form is designed to drive the push rod movement and generate high pressure.For engines needing substantial flow rates, the pump is fitted with three plungers angularly placed at 120 degrees to each other. For engines needing a less substantial flow rate, a 2-plunger solution has been adopted, with the plungers angularly placed at 180 degrees. Since the pump no longer sets the injection procedure – in the same way as for the DFP1 – it is possible to extend the pumping phase so as to reduce drive torque, vibration and noise.

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