CAV BPF flange mounted pumps fitted to Gardner, Russell Newbery Lister, Petter and others.

The CAV BPF is a cam-operated spring return plunger pump of the constant-stroke one pump element per cylinder type. Normally, it is offered as a one-cylinder unit, so that for multi-cylinder engines it is necessary to provide one pump per cylinder.
The ” B ” series of pump can, however, be supplied as a group pump with two, three and four pump units in a common housing
(i.e.. Models BPF2B, BPF3B and BPF4B. but the ” A,” ” C,” ” X ” and ” D ” series are only supplied as one-cylinder units)

BPF pumps are provided with a flange mounting, to facilitate fitting them over the engine-builders’ own cam driving gear.

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