Delivery valve for Simms Minimec pumps 507503


Delivery valve for Simms Minimec pumps 507503

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Delivery valve for Simms Minimec pumps 507503

Item number 17 in the exploded diagram

Please check yours looks exactly like the one pictured before ordering

Equivalent to:

VAUXHALL/OPEL 91081623, VOLVO 6212071-2, FORD D6NN9C559B, SIMMS 507503-1

Fits the following pumps:

P5484, P5484-A, Р5313-ЗВ, P5319-3C, P53194B, P5319-4C, Р5313-5В, Р5313-5С, P5319-5D, P5319-5E, P5319-5F, P5319-5G, Р5313-5Н, P5319-5J, P5376-1F, P5376-1G, P5376-1H, P5376-1J, P5376-1K, P5376-1L, P5376-1M, P5376-1N, P5376-2F, Р5376-2Н, Р5376-2К, Р5376-2М, Р5376-2Р, P5376-2Q, P5376-2R, P5376-F, P5376-G, P5376-H, P5376-J, P5376-K, P5376-L, P5376-M, P5376-N, P5433, P5433-A, P5435-A, P5464, P5464-1, P5464-1A, P5464-2, P5464-2A, P5469, P5469-A, P5469-B, P5469-С, P5470, P5470-A, P5470-B, P5494, P5494-A, P5494-B, P5498-A, P5498-B, P5498-С, P5596, P5596-1E, P5596-A, P5596-С, P5596-D, P5597, P5597-1D, P5597-1E, P5597-2D, P5597-2E, P5597-2G, P5597-2H, P5597-A, P5597-D, P5598-1D, P5598-B, P5598-C, P5648, P5648-1, P5648-1A, P5649, P5649-1, P5649-1A, P5675, P5675-A, P5675-B, P5675-C, P5680, P5680-A, P5681, P5681-A, P5681-B, P5687, P5691, P5708, P5708-A, P5709, Р5703-А, P5719, P5719-1, P5720, P5721, P5722, P5722-A, P5727, P5728, P5730, P5730-1, P5731, P5731-1, P5732, P5732-1, P5733, P5733-1, P5735, P5735-1, P5736, P5736-1, P5742, P5743


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