Lucas CAV DPS latch valve assembly 7182-333A


Latch valve assembly used in DPS pumps

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Latch valve assembly used in some DPS pumps fitted to Ford York engines 7182-333A

Item 100 in the exploded diagram

Please note – there is a 7 day lead time for this part

Fits the following pumps:

8520A080A, 8520A081A, 8520A082A., 8520A082A, 8520A084A, 8520A085A, 8520A120A, 8520A121A, 8520A122A, 8520A123A, 8520A124A, 8520A160A, 8520A220A, 8520A230A, 8520A260A, 8520A480A, 8520A481A, 8520A482A, 8520A490A, 8520A491A, 8520A500A, 8520A501A, 8523A320A, 8523A321A, 8523A322A, 8523A330A, 8523A340A, 8523A341A, 8523A342A

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