*Serviceable Part*

Side cover plate for Simms Majormec pumps 507535 USED


Side cover for Simms Majormec 6 cylinder pumps 507535

This is a serviceable USED part


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Side cover for Simms Majormec 6 cylinder pumps 507535 USED

Item number 137 in the exploded diagram

This is a serviceable USED part

Fits the following pumps:

P4746, P4747, P4747-1, P4747-2, P4747-3, P4747-4, P4822, P4822-1, P4822-2, P4822-3, P4822-4, P4822-5, P4822-6, P4831, P4831-1, P4831-2, P4831-3, P4831-4, P4831-5, P4831-G, P4831-7, Р4833, Р4833-1, Р4833-2, Р4833-3, Р4833-4, Р4833-5, P4861, P4861-1, P4861-2, P4861-3, P4861-4, P4871-4, P4871-5, P4871-6, P4871-7, P4874, P4874-1, P4874-2, P4874-3, P4874-4, P4874-5, P5034-2, P5034-3, P5034-3A, P5034-4, P5034-4A, P5034-5, P5034-5A, P5055, P5055-1, P5055-2, P5056, P5056-1, P5056-2, Р5038, Р5038-1, Р5038-2, P5120, P5122, P5122-A, P5140, P5140-6, P5140-J, P5140-M, P5145, P5159-1E, Р5153-2Е, Р5153-Е, P5166, Р5138, Р5203, Р5203-1, P5215-1, P5215-1F, P5215-1G, P5215-1J, P5216-1, P5216-1F, P5216-G, P5216-1J, P5231, P5231-A, P5231-B, P5231-C, P5232, P5232-A, P5256, P5258-J, P5258-M, P5258-R, P5261-J, P5261-M, P5262-E, P5264-1E, P5265, P5274, P5274-2, P5275, P5275-1, P5275-2, Р5235, Р5235-А, Р5235-В, Р5235-С, P5295-D, P5308, Р5303, Р5303-1, P5320-E, P5324, P5324-1, P5324-2, P5324-2A, P5332-M, P5333-1, P5338, P5338-1, P5338-2, P5343, P5346, P5346-1, P5347, P5347-1, P5347-1A, P5385-1, P5385-2, P5385-3, Р5403, Р5403-1, Р5403-2, P5414, P5414-1, P5414-2, P5421, P5440, P5440-1, P5440-2, P5444, P5444-1, P5445, P5445-1, P5446, P5465, P5465-1, P5465-2, P5468, P5476, P5476-1, P5480, P5481, Р5483, Р5483-А, Р5430, P5508, P5508-1, P5528, P5528-1, P5530, P5534, P5534-A, P5534-B, P5563, P5563-1, P5563-2




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