Bosch/Zexel injector leak off washer 3 hole


Bosch Zexel aluminium injector leak off washer

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Bosch/Zexel aluminium injector leak off washer with three holes sold individually

Item 1-7 in the exploded diagram. These have a 23mm outer diameter and 12.5mm inner diameter

Equivalent to:

Fits the following applications:

Kubota Z500 , Z600 , Z620 , Z750, Z751 ,D650 , D750 , D850, D950, V1100, V1200, D1302, D1402, V1702, V1902

KH-1 10, KH-101, KH-151, KH-170L, KH-18(L), KH-191, KH-28L, KH-35(H), KH-36, KH-41, KH-51, KH-51H, KH-60(H), KH-61, KH-61H, KH-66/H KCL, KH-90(H), KH-91/H, KX101, KX151

B1550D, B1550E, B1550HST-D, B1550HST-E, B1750D, B1750E, B1750HST-D, B1750HST, B20, B2150D ,B2150E, B2150HSD, B2150HSE, B4200D, B5100D-P,B5100E-P, B5200D, B5200E, B6100D-P, B6100E-P, B6100HST-D, B6100HST-E, B6200D, B6200E, B6200HSTD, B6200HSTE, B7100D-P, B7100HST-D, B7200D, B7200E, B7200HSTD, B7200HSTE, B8200DP, B8200EP, B8200HST-DP, B8200HST-EP, B9200DC-DP, B9200DC-EP, B9200HSD-TOW, B9200HST-DP, B9200HST-EP

L175, L185DT, L185F, L285P, L285WP, L355SS, L2050DT, L2050F, L235, L2350DT ,L2350F, L245DT, L245F, L245H, L275, L295DT, L295F, L305DT, L305F, L345, L345DT, M4000, M4050, M4050DT, M4500, M4500DT, M4950, M4950DT, M4950DT-S, M4950-S

Fits the following injectors:

Bosch 131406062, 9430610310, 9430611766, 9430611766, 9430610306, 9430610351, 9430610325

Zexel 105141-1792, 105110-1141, 105110-1141, 105141-1712, 105141-2370, 105141-2090

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