Bryce delivery valve assembly 1-338


Delivery valve assembly for some Bryce FAOAB injection pumps

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This is a delivery valve assembly for some Bryce injection pumps commonly fitted to Lister Petter engines

Size: 5.0mm

Item 16 in the exploded diagram

Equivalent to:

CAV 7033-361, 1/338

Fits the following pumps:


FAOAN065P0578, FAOAB075P6448,  FAOAB060P6656, FAOAB070P6657, FAOAB075P6657, FAOAB075P6659, FAOAB070P0431, FAOAB060A6656

CAV BPF1A75PS6448, BPF1A70PS6657, BPF1A75PS6659, BPF1A60AS6656

Fits the following applications:

Lister LR, LT, LV, SR, SRW, ST, HA, HB and HR



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