Bryce delivery valve spring peg 13-158


Sping peg for Bryce injection pumps

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This is the spring peg for some Bryce and CAV injection pumps commonly fitted to Lister Petter engines 6mm in diameter and 16mm in length

Item 21 in the exploded diagram

Fite the following pumps:

FAOA8060A6453, FAOAB060A6656, FAOAB070C0177, FAOAB070C0178, FAOAB050C0179, FAOAB050C0180, FAOAB080C0210, FAOA8080C0215, FAOAB080C0280, FAOAB065C0290, FAOAB080C0531, FAOAB080C0626, FAOAB080C0700, FAOAB070C0292, FAOAB080C0295, FAOAB070P0431, FAOAB080P0454, FAOAB075P6310, FAOAB075P6448, FAOAB060P6656, FAOAB070P6657, FAOAB070P6657, FAOAB075P6659, FAOAN090B0429, FAOAN100B0575, FAOAN100X0575, FAOAN065P0578, FAOAN065P0680

A1AA70/6S177H, A1AA70/6S178H, A1AA50/6S179A, A1AA50/6S180A, A1AA80/6S210A, A1AA80/6S215A, A1AA80/6S280, A1AA65/6S290, A1AA70/6S292, A1AA80/6S295

BPF1A60AS6453, BPF1A60AS6656, BPF1A75PS6310, BPF1A75PS6448, BPF1A70PS6657, BPF1A75P66659





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