Camshaft oil seal for Minimec pumps 22mm


Camshaft oil seal for some Minimec pumps

35mm outer diameter 22mm inner diameter

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Camshaft oil seal for some Minimec pumps

Item number 14 in the exploded diagram

35mm outer diameter 22mm inner diameter

If you need the 20mm inner diameter seal these are also available HERE

Equivalent to:

D8NN9N895AA, 83918496

Fits the following pumps:

P5277, P5277-A, P5484, P5484-1, P5484-1A, P5484-2, P5484-2A, P5484-3, P5484-3A, P5484-A, P5419, P5419-A, P5428, P5450, P5451, P5452, P5464, P5464-1, P5464-1A, P5464-2, P5464-2A, P5477, P5477-A, P5485-3, P5486-2, P5487-3, P5487-3A, P5487-3B, P5487-3E, P5487-4, P5487-4B, P5488-2A, P5488-2E, P5488-2F, P5488-3, P5488-3A, P5488-3B, P5488-3F, P5488-3G, P5488-3H, P5488-4, P5488-4A, Р5496, P5510-2, P5513-2, P5515-2, P5519-2, P5520-2, P5523-2, P5525-2, P5525-2A, P5525-3A, P5564, P5564-1, Р5569, Р5569-1, P5577, P5577-1, P5578, P5578-1, Р5579, Р5579-1А, Р5579-1В, Р5579-2А, Р5579-2В, P5579-2C, P5579-3C, P5579-A, P5580, P5580-1, P5581, P5581-1, P5582, P5582-1A, P5582-1B, P5582-2A, P5582-2C, P5582-2D, P5582-3C, P5582-3D, P5582-A, P5582-B, P5611, P5612, P5613, P5636, P5636-1, P5636-1A, P5636-2A, P5637, P5637-1A, P5637-1B, P5637-2B, P5637-A, P5638, P5638-1, P5638-1A, P5638-2A, P5638-2B, P5638-2C, Р5639, P5640, P5640-1, P5640-1B, P5640-2B, P5640-A, P5641, P5641-1A, P5G41-2A, P5643, P5643-1A, P5644, P5644-1A, P5645, P5645-1A, P5682-A, P5683, P5683-A, P5684, P5684-A, P5687, P5688, Р5689, Р5690, Р5690-А, Р5691, P5G91-A, Р5692, Р569З, Р569З-1, Р5694, P5694-1, P5695, P5695-1, P5695-1A, P5695-A, P5705, P5705-1, P5710, P5717, P5718, P5741, P5741-1, P5748, P5748-1, P5748-1A, P5748-2, P5748-2A, P5751, P5752, P5753, P5753-1, P5753-1A

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