CAV BPF1A and Bryce FAOAB pump delivery valve washer 5936-22


Delivery valve washer for some CAV BPF1A and Bryce FAOAB pumps

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Delivery valve washer suitable for use on some CAV BPF1A and Bryce FAOAB fuel pumps used on many Lister and Petter single and multi cylinder engines

Item 19 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following applications:

Lister HA, HB, HR, HW, LR, LD, LT, SL, SR, SRW, Enfield VS85, Armstrong Siddeley AS1, AS2, AS3, Monarch CSR,

Fits the following pumps:

FAOAB065A6368, FAOAB060A6453, FAOAB060A6550, FAOAB065A6587, FAOAB060A6656, FAOAB075P6448, FAOAB060P6656, FAOAB070P6657, FAOAB70P6657 FAOAB075P6659, FAOAB070PS365, FAOAB075P0449, FAOAB080P0454, FAOAB065P0458, FAOAB085P0458, FAOAB075P6310, FAOAB070P0431, FAOAB065A6368, FAOAB060A6453, FAOAB060A6550, FAOAB065A6587, FAOAB060A6656

FAOAN065P0578, FAOAN065P0680

BPF1A65AS6368, BPF1A60AS6453, BPF1A60AS6550, BPF1A65AYS6587M, BPF1A60AS6656, BPF1A75PS6669, BPF1A75PS6448, BPF1A70PS6657, BPF1A75P00, BPF1A75PS6310, BPF1A70PS6365, BPF1A65AS6368, BPF1A60AS6453, BPF1A60AS6550, BPF1A65AYS6587M, BPF1A60AS6656




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