CAV DPA metering valve 7139-559AG


Metering valve fitted to some CAV DPA pumps 7139-559AG

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Metering valve fitted to some CAV DPA mechanically governed pumps 7139-559AG (Size B oversized)

Equivalent to: 7139-559

Item 42 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

3042F540, 3042F541, 3042F542, 3042F550, 3042F551, 3042F552, 3042F570, 3042F571, 3042F572, 3042F573, 3042F574, 3042F580, 3042F581, 3042F582, 3062F360, 3062F361, 3062F362, 3062F370, 3062F371, 3062F372, 3062F410, 3062F411, 3062F412, 3062F413, 3062F414, 3062F420, 3062F421, 3062F422, 3062F423, 3142F000, 3222F040, 3222F050, 3222F060, 3222F070, 3222F071, 3233010, 3233110, 3233130, 3233140, 3233340, 3233360, 3233400, 3233F010, 3233F110, 3233F111, 3233F130, 3233F131, 3233F140, 3233F141, 3233F340, 3233F341, 3233F360, 3233F361, 3233F400, 3233F401, 3233F860, 3233F880, 3233F890, 3233F900, 3233F950, 3233F980, 3238F020, 3238F030, 3238F040, 3238F050, 3238F060, 3238F080, 3238F090, 3238F100, 3238F110, 3238F190, 3238F270, 3238F271, 3238F280, 3238F281, 3238F290, 3238F291, 3238F300, 3238F301, 3238F310, 3238F311, 3238F320, 3238F321, 3238F330, 3238F331, 3238F340, 3238F341, 3238F342, 3238F390, 3238F391, 3238F400, 3238F401, 3238F410, 3238F411, 3238F420, 3238F421, 3238F450, 3238F460, 3238F490, 3249F680, 3249F690, 3249F850, 3249F860, 3260F428, 3260F429, 3262748, 3263000, 3263100, 3263320, 3263321, 3263660, 3263910, 3263F100, 3263F660, 3263F910, 3268F620, 3268F770, 3268F910, 3268F920, 3268F930, 3268F970, 3268F971, 3268F972, 3268F980, 3269F000, 3269F001, 3269F110, 3269F130, 3269F131, 3269F140, 3269F141, 3269F150, 3269F160, 3269F161, 3269F250, 3269F260, 3269F270, 3269F340, 3269F350, 3269F360, 3269F361, 3269F400, 3269F410, 3269F440, 3269F450, 3269F540, 3269F580, 3269F581, 3269F610, 3269F620, 3269F680, 3269F740, 3269F741, 3269F760, 3269F770, 3269F771, 3269F840, 3269F841, 3269F910, 3269F911, 3269F912, 3269F913, 3269F914, 3269F920, 3269F921, 3282030, 3282F030, 3342F020, 3342F030, 3342F070, 3342F080, 3342F090, 3342F100, 3342F250, 3342F260, 3342F261, 3342F270, 3342F271, 3342F280, 3342F290, 3342F300, 3342F380, 3342F390, 3342F400, 3342F450, 3342F760, 3342F770, 3342F771, 3342F780, 3342F950, 3343F250, 3343F300, 3343F340, 3343F341, 3343F350, 3343F360, 3343F361, 3343F370, 3343F371, 3343F380, 3343F390, 3343F391, 3343F400, 3343F401, 3343F410, 3343F411, 3343F550, 3343F551, 3343F570, 3343F571, 3343F630, 3343F631, 3343F640, 3343F650, 3343F660, 3343F670, 3343F680, 3343F690, 3343F700, 3343F770, 3343F771, 3343F810, 3348F120, 3348F130, 3348F140, 3348F420, 3348F550, 3348F580, 3348F581, 3348F590, 3348F591, 3348F610, 3348F611, 3349F150T, 3349F181T, 3349F190T, 3362F010, 3362F012, 3362F013, 3362F014, 3362F020, 3362F021, 3362F022, 3362F023, 3362F050, 3362F051, 3362F052, 3362F053, 3362F060, 3362F061, 3362F070, 3362F071, 3362F072, 3362F073, 3362F150, 3362F151, 3362F160, 3362F161, 3362F162, 3362F170, 3362F210, 3362F211, 3362F212, 3362F213, 3362F240, 3362F241, 3362F242, 3362F243, 3362F280, 3362F281, 3362F283, 3362F310, 3362F311, 3362F312, 3362F320, 3362F330, 3362F350, 3362F351, 3362F352, 3362F353, 3362F360, 3362F361, 3362F362, 3362F370, 3362F371, 3362F372, 3362F390, 3362F391, 3362F420, 3362F421, 3362F430, 3362F431, 3362F440, 3362F441, 3362F442, 3362F450, 3362F451, 3362F452, 3362F460, 3362F461, 3362F490, 3362F491, 3362F510, 3362F511, 3362F530, 3362F531, 3362F532, 3362F580, 3362F660, 3362F671, 3362F672, 3362F680, 3362F690, 3362F691, 3362F692, 3362F700, 3362F752, 3362F753, 3362F754, 3362F800, 3362F801, 3362F840, 3362F841, 3362F870, 3362F871, 3362F872, 3362F920, 3362F921, 3362F930, 3362F931, 3362F940, 3362F950, 3362F960, 3362F970, 3362F981, 3363F000, 3363F001, 3363F002, 3363F050, 3363F051, 3363F052, 3363F080, 3363F081, 3363F090, 3363F091, 3363F100, 3363F101, 3363F130, 3363F131, 3363F140, 3363F141, 3363F142, 3363F150, 3363F151, 3363F152, 3363F153, 3363F154, 3363F160, 3363F170, 3363F171, 3363F172, 3363F190, 3363F191, 3363F220, 3363F221, 3363F230, 3363F231, 3363F250, 3363F251, 3363F260, 3363F261, 3363F280, 3363F281, 3363F282, 3363F300, 3363F310, 3363F330, 3363F331, 3363F360, 3363F361, 3363F370, 3363F371, 3363F380, 3363F381, 3363F410, 3363F411, 3363F460, 3363F461, 3363F462, 3363F600, 3363F700, 3363F730, 3363F731, 3363F732, 3363F733, 3363F740, 3363F741, 3363F742, 3363F743, 3363F760, 3363F761, 3363F780, 3363F930, 3369F110, 3369F260T, 3369F261G, 3562F230, 3562F240, 3562F250, 3562F350, 3562F360, 3562F361, 3562F370, 3562F380, 3562F440, 3562F450, 3562F520, 3562F550, 3632F140, 3632F170, 3632F171, 3642F270, 3642F280, 3642F300, 3642F310, 3642F320, 3642F440, 3642F460, 3642F490, 3642F491, 3642F500, 3642F501, 3642F650, 3642F670, 3642F710W, 3662F290, 3662F291, 3662F300, 3662F301, 3662F320, 3662F321, 3662F340, 3662F341, 3662F342, 3662F350, 3662F351, 3662F352, 3662F360, 3662F361, 3662F380, 3662F381, 3662F430, 3662F431, 3662F510, 3662F520, 3662F530, 3662F531, 3662F600, 3662F601, 3662F700, 3662F710, 3662F720, 3662F830, 3662F840, 3662F850, 3662F930, 3663F050W, 3942F041, 3942F060, 3942F061, 3942F062, 3962F030, 3962F031, 3962F033, C3249F680, C3269F150, C3269F910, C3362F010, C3362F050, V3233F980, V3238F050, V3269F160, V3269F911, V3342F771, V3342F780, V3343F380, V3632F140, V3642F300, V3642F320

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