CAV Simms Minimec fuel injection pump camshaft taper roller bearing. 20mm shaft


Camshaft roller bearing for CAV Simms Minimec and SPE fuel injection pumps fitted to many engines from the 1930’s onwards

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Tapered roller bearing for CAV Simms Minimec and Majormec fuel injection pump camshafts fitted to many engines

Item 11 in the exploded diagram. 47mm outside diameter. Please check the size and type in your pump before ordering.

The ball bearing is also available HERE

Equivalent to:

26425156, 2704E9E592A, D9NN9E592AA, 83919151

Fits the following pumps:

P5059-7M, P5059-7N, P5059-9N, P5092-4B, P5092-5B, P5094, P5094-1, P5094-2, P5111-1, P5111-2, P5111-3, P5112-1, P5112-1B, P5112-1 С, Р5112-2, Р5112-2В, Р5112-2С, Р5112-2Е, Р5124, Р5124-1, Р5124-1А, Р5157, Р5176, Р5176-1, Р5201, Р5201-1, P5201-1W, Р5201-2, Р5206, Р5206-1, Р5218, Р5218-1, Р5218-2, P5218-3, P5218-3A, P5218-4A, Р5213, P5219-1, P5225-1, P5230, P5230-1, P5278, P5278-1, P5283, P5283-1, P5283-1A, P5283-1B, P5283-1 С, P5283-1D, Р5283-1Е, Р5283-1F, P5283-1G, Р5283-1Н, P5283-1J, Р5283-1 К, P5283-2F, P5283-2G, Р5283-2Н, P5283-2J, P5283-3F, P5283-3G, P5283-3H, P5283-3J, Р5283-4Н, P5283-4J, Р5283-4К, P5283-4L, P5283-4M, P5283-A, P5310, P5310-1B, P5310-1C, P5310-A, P5310-В, Р5311, Р5311-1С, Р5311-А, Р5311-В, Р5314, Р5314-1, Р5314-1А, Р5314-1В, Р5314-А, Р5317, Р5317-1С, Р5317-С, Р5323-1А, Р5328-1, Р5328-2, Р5323, Р5323-2, Р5340, P5340-1D, Р5340-1Е, P5340-1G, Р5340-1Н, P5340-1J, Р5340-А, Р5340-В, P5340-C, P5340-D, P5340-E, P5340-G, P5342, P5345, P5345-L, P5350-1, P5382, P5382-1A, P5382-2A, P5382-A, P5466, P5503-1, P5503-1A, P5503-1D, P5503-2, P5504-1A, P5504-1D, P5504-2D, P5505-1, P5505-1A, P5505-1D, P5505-2, P5507, P5507-1, Р5523, Р5523-1, Р5523-1А, Р5523-А, P5576, Р5534, P5594-1, P5594-2, P5594-3, P5608, P5608-1, P5608-2, P5608-3, P5608-4, P5647, P5647-1, P5647-1A, P5647-2, P5647-2A, P5647-2B, P5647-3, P5647-3A, P5647-4, P5647-4A, P5676, P5677, P5686, P5686-1, P5686-2, P5697, P5697-1, P5697-1GC, P5702, P5702-1, P5706, P5706-1, P5707, P5707-1, P5729, P5744, P5745, P5745-1, P4624-10A, P4847, P4847-1, P4848, P4848-1, P4862-9A, Р4862-3В, Р4862-3С, P4862-8D, Р4837, Р4837-1, Р4837-1А, Р4837-1В, Р4837-1 С, Р4837-2, Р4837-2А, Р4837-2В, Р4837-2С, P4887-3, Р4837-ЗА, Р4837-ЗВ, Р4837-ЗС, Р4837-ЗЕ, P4897-3F, P4897-3G, Р4837-ЗН, P4897-3J, Р4837-А, Р4837-В, Р4837-С, P5012-4D, P5021, P5021-1, P5021-2, P5021-3, P5021-4, P5021-4A, P5052, P5052-1, P5052-1B, P5052-1 С, Р5052-2, Р5052-2В, Р5052-2С, Р5052-ЗВ, Р5052-ЗС, Р5052-ЗЕ, P5052-3F, Р5052-В, Р5052-С, Р5053-1В, Р5053-1 С, Р5053-2, Р5053-2В, Р5053-2С, P5053-3B, P5053-3C, P5053-3E, P5053-3F, Р5053-В, Р5053-С, Р5054-1В, Р5054-1 С, Р5054-2, P5054-2B, P5054-2C, P5054-3B, P5054-3C, P5054-3E, P5054-3F, P5054-B, P5054-C, P5060, P5060-1, P5060-1A, P5060-3, P5060-3A, P5060-4A, P5060-4B, P5074, P5074-1, P5074-2, P5074-3, P5074-4, P5074-5, P5074-5J, P5074-6, P5074-7, P5074-7X, P5078, P5078-3, P5084-1A, P5084-2A, P5084-2B, P5084-3A, P5084-3B, P5084-4B, P5084-4C, P5084-4D, P5084-A, P5085-1B, P5085-1 С, Р5085-2В, Р5085-2С, Р5085-ЗВ, Р5085-ЗС, Р5085-4С, Р5085-5В, Р5085-5С, P5085-5D, Р5085-5Е, Р5085-В, Р5085-С, Р5086, Р5086-1, Р5086-2, Р5086-3, Р5086-4, P5087 P5087-1, P5087-2, P5087-3, P5087-ЗА, Р5088, Р5088-1, Р5088-1А, Р5088-2, Р5088-2А, Р5088-3, Р5088-ЗА, P5084-4C, P5084-4D, P5084-A, P5085-1B, P5085-1С, Р5085-2В, Р5085-2С, Р5085-ЗВ, Р5085-ЗС, Р5085-4С, Р5085-5В, Р5085-5С, P5085-5D, Р5085-5Е, Р5085-В, Р5085-С, Р5086, Р5086-1, Р5086-2, Р5086-3, Р5086-4, Р5087, Р5087-1, Р5087-2, Р5087-3, Р5087-ЗА, Р5088, Р5088-1, Р5088-1А, Р5088-2, Р5088-2А, Р5088-3, Р5088-ЗА, P5088-3B, P5088-3C, P5088-A, Р5089, Р5083-1, Р5083-2, Р5083-3, Р5083-4, Р5083-4В, Р5096, Р5036-1, Р5036-1А, Р5036-А, P5100-5, P5100-EX, P5113-A, P5114-A, P5115-2A, P5115-5A, P5115-5AA, P5117-1A, P5117-2A, P5117-4A, P5117-4AA, P5117-5A, P5117-5AA, P5117-A, P5119-A, P5127, P5127-1, P5127-2, P5127-3, P5127-ЗА, P5088-3B, P5088-3C, P5088-A, Р5083, Р5083-1, Р5083-2, Р5083-3, Р5083-4, Р5083-4В, Р5036, Р5036-1, Р5036-1А, Р5036-А, P5100-5, P5100-EX, P5113-A, P5114-A, P5115-2A, P5115-5A, P5115-5AA, P5117-1A, P5117-2A, P5117-4A, P5117-4AA, P5117-5A, P5117-5AA, P5117-A, P5119-A, P5127, P5127-1, P5127-2, P5127-3, P5127-ЗА, P5128, P5128-1, P5128-2, P5128-3, P5128-4, P5128-4A, Р5123, P5128-1, Р5123-2, Р5123-3, P5129-3B, P5130, P5130-1, P5130-2, P5130-3, P5130-4, P5130-4B, P5134, P5134-2, P5134-2A, P5134-2B, P5134-2C, P5134-A, P5134-B, P5134-C, P5138, P5138-1E, P5138-A, P5138-B, P5138-C, P5139-A, P5139-B, P5139-E, P5142-2AA, P5142-2GA, P5142-4A, P5142-4AA, P5142-46A, P5142-5A, P5142-5AA, P5142-5G, P5142-56A, P5142-A, P5142-6A, P5142-G, P5149-5, P5153, P5154, P5160, P5161, P5162, P5162-1, P5165, P5165-2, P5165-3, P5165-3A, P5167, P5169, P5169-1, P5169-1A, P5169-2, P5169-2A, P5169-A, P5178-1B, P5178-1C, P5178-ЗВ, P5178-3C, P5178-4B, P5178-4C, P5178-4D, P5178-4DZ, P5178-4E, P5178-4F, P5178-1, P5179-2, P5179-3, P5179-3B, P5179-3C, P5179-3D, P5182, P5182-1, P5182-1A, P5182-2, P5182-2A, P5182-3, P5182-3A, P5182-3D, P5182-3F, P5182-3G, P5182-3H, P5182-A, P5184, P5184-1, P5184-1A, P5184-1B, P5184-1J, P5184-2, P5184-2A, P5184-3, P5184-A, P5184-B, P5184-C, P5185, P5185-1, P5186, P5186-1, P5186-2, P5186-3, P5186-3A, P5186-3B, P5188, P5188-1, P5188-2, P5188-A, P5188-1A, P5189-1B, P5189-1C, P5190-1A, P5190-1B, P5190-1C, Р5134, P5194-1, Р5134-2, Р5134-2А, Р5134-2В, P5195-1, Р5135-2, Р5135-2А, Р5135-2В, P5204, P5205, P5211, P5211-1, P5212, P5212-1, P5213, P5213-1, P5213-1A, P5213-2, P5213-2A, P5213-2B, P5213-2E, P5213-2F, P5213-3, P5213-4, P5213-5, P5213-A, P5213-B, P5213-C, P5226, P5226-1, P5226-2, P5228, P5228-1, P5228-1A, P5228-1B, P5228-2, P5228-2A, P5228-3, P5228-3A, P5228-A, P5228-B, Р5223, Р5223-1, Р5223-1A, P5269, P5305-5, P5305-5B, P5305-5C, P5305-5D, P5305-5E, P5305-5F, P5316, P5318, P5319-3C, P5319-4C, P5319-5B, P5319-5C, P5319-5D, P5319-5E, P5319-5F, P5319-5G, P5319-5H, P5319-5J, P5330-1A, P5330-1X, P5330-2A, P5330-2X, P5330-A, P5349, P5349-1, P5349-2, P5351-2, P5351-3, P5363-1, P5366, P5368, P5368-B, P5368-C, P5368-D, P5368-E, P5368-F, P5368-G, Р5363, Р5363-В, Р5363-С, P5369-D, Р5363-Е, P5370, P5370-B, P5370-C, P5370-D, P5370-E, P5371-1, P5371-2, P5375, P5375-A, P5375-B, P5378, Р5373-1, P5380-1, P5386, P5383, P5383-1, P5410-A, P5410-C, P5417, P5417-A, P5431, P5432, P5433, P5433-A, P5434, P5434-A, P5434-B, P5438-1, P5438-2, P5438-2A, P5438-2B, P5438-3A, P5438-3C, P5438-3D, P5438-4C, P5438-4D, P5438-5C, P5438-5D, Р5433, Р5433-А, Р5433-В, Р5433-С, P5439-D, P5458, P5460, P5461, P5463, P5463-1, Р5463, Р5463-А, Р5463-В, Р5463-С, P5470, P5470-A, P5470-B, P5471, P5494, P5494-A, P5494-B, P5498-A, P5498-B, P5498-C, P5526, P5537-A, P5537-AX, P5538-A, P5539-A, P5540-A, P5541, P5542, P5543, P5544, P5547, P5554, P5556, P5556-1, P5562-1, P5596, P5596-1D, P5596-1E, P5596-A, P5596-C, P5596-D, P5597, P5597-1D, P5597-1E, P5597-2D, P5597-2E, P5597-2G, P5597-2H, P5597-A, P5597-D, P5598-1, P5598-1 С, P5598-1D, Р5598-2С, Р5598-2Е, P5598-2F, P5598-2G, Р5598-В, Р5598-С, Р5609, Р5609-1, Р5614, Р5614-А, Р5614-В, Р5614-ВХ, Р5646, Р5646-1, Р5646-1А, Р5646-А, Р5648, Р5648-1, Р5648-1А, Р5649, Р5649-1, Р5649-1А, Р5674, Р5674-1, Р5675, Р5675-А, Р5675-В P5675-C, P5680, P5680-A, P5681, P5681-A, P5681-B, P5708, P5708-A, Р5703, Р5703-А, Р5713, P5718-1, P5720, P5721, P5722, P5722-A, P5723, P5723-A, P5727, P5728, P5730, P5730-1, P5731, P5731-1, P5732, P5732-1, P5733, P5733-1, P5735, P5735-1, P5736, P5736-1, P5742, P5743

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