Complete overhaul kit for Simms Minimec 3 cylinder diesel injection pumps


Simms Minimec 3 cylinder pump overhaul kit – Rubber seal

This pump was fitted to many Fordson Dexta tractors during the 1950’s/60’s



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Simms Minimec 3 cylinder injection pump overhaul kit for pumps with a rubber gasket under the main cover

This pump was fitted to many Fordson, Nuffield, Leyland, JCB tractors during the 1950’s/60’s with the later type mechanical GMVA and GVH governor

Includes the following:

Washer (Ref. 7185-815E)
Washer (Ref. 7185-815E)
Sealing Washer (Ref. 86816)
Washer (Ref. 7185-815E)
Seal (Ref. 500232)
Washer (Ref. 501062)
Washer (Ref. 20543)
Washer (Ref. 7185-815E)
Sealing ring (Ref. 126067-50)
Washer (Ref. 500078)
Sealing ring (Ref. 126064-7)
Shroud (Ref. 500423)
Sealing ring (Ref. 126067-7)
Gasket (Ref. 500281)
Gasket (Ref. 500378)
Sealing ring (Ref. 126065-4)
D.V. holder joint (Ref. 503701)
D.V. holder joint (Ref. 24505)
Gasket (Ref. 89560)
Gasket (Ref. 516388)
Oil Seal (Ref. 22159)

Fits the following pumps:

P4586-1, P4586-2, P4586-3, P4586-3A, P4586-4, P4586-4A, P4588, P4624, P4624-1, P4624-2, P4624-3, P4624-4, P4624-4A, Р4696, P4824, P4824-1 P4665, P4665-1, P4665-2, P4696, P4766 P4584, P4584-1, P4584-2, P4584-2A, P4584-3, P4584-3A, P4595, P4595-A, P4595-B, P4595-C, P4619, P4619-A, P4619-B, P4619-C, P4662, P4662-1, P4662-2, P4674, P4674-A, P4685-A, P4685-B, P4693, P4G93-1, P4G93-2, P4693-3, P4696, P4728-1

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