Simms Majormec gasket 512457


Simms Majormec gasket 512457


Simms Majormec top housing gasket 512457

Item 21A in the exploded diagram

Commonly fitted to some Leyland and Rolls Royce engines during the 1950’s/60’s

Fits the following pumps:

P5324-3, P5384, P5384-1, P5384-2, P5414, P5414-1, P5414-2, P5437-3, P5437-4, P5481, P5511-A, P5511-B, P5511-C, P5512-A, P5512-B, P5512-C, P5563, P5563-1, P5563-2, P5570, P5570-A, P5571, P5571-1, P5571-1A, P5571-A, P5571-B, P5572, P5573, P5573-G, P5574, P5574-1, P5575-1, P5591, P5591-1, P5602, P5602-1, P5602-2, P5616, P5616-B, P5616-D, P5624, P5624-1, P5624-1A, P5624-2, P5624-2A, P5624-A, P5625, P5625-1, P5626, P5627, P5627-1A, P5652, P5653, P5656, P5657, P5659, P5660, P5661, P5662, P5663, P5664, P5665, P5666, P5698, P5701, P5703, P5739, P5750

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