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Control rod for Simms Minimec pumps 501025 USED

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Control rod for Simms Minimec pumps

This is a serviceable USED part


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Control rod for Simms Minimec pumps 501025

This is a serviceable USED part

Part number 30 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

P4573, P4573-1, P4573-1A, P4573-2, P4573-2A, P4613, P4613-1, P4613-2, P4613-2A, P4613-3, P4613-3A, P4621, P4621-1, P4621-2, P4621-2A, P4621-3, P4621-3A, P4621-4, P4621-4A, P4661, P4673, P4673-1, P4694-1, P4694-2, P4699, P4699-1, P4699-1 A, P4699-A, P4719, P4719-1, P4719-2, P4724, P4724-W, P4725, P4725-W, P4753, P4753-1, P4753-2, P4753-3, P4754-1, P4754-2, P4757-1, P4757-1B, P4757-1C, P4757-1D, P4757-1E, P4757-1F, P4761, P4761-1, P4761-1C, P47G1-C, P4762, P4762-1, P4762-1C, P4762-C, P4767, P4769-1, P4769-1A, P4769-1B, P4769-2, P4769-2A, P4769-2B, P4770, P4770-1, P4770-1A, P4770-2, P4770-2A, P4770-A, P4771, P4771-1, P4771-1A, P4771-1B, P4771-2, P4771-2A, P4771-2B, P4777, P4777-1, P4781, P4782-1, P4784, P4784-1, P4784-2, P4784-2A, P4784-3, P4784-3A, P4784-4, P4784-4A, P4784-5, P4784-5A, P4784-6, P4784-GA, P4790, P4834, P4835, P4843, P4857, P4857-1, P4878, P4878-1, P4878-1A, P4878-1B, P4878-1C, P4878-1D, P4878-1E, P4878-2, P4879, P4879-1, P4879-1 A, P4879-1B, P4879-1C, P4879-1D, P4879-1E, P4879-2, P4898, P5027, P5168


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