Delivery valve O ring for some Simms Majormec and Maximec pumps


Delivery valve O ring for some Simms Majormec pumps

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Delivery valve O ring for some Simms Majormec pumps

Approx 27mm outer diameter

Item 22 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

P4747-3, P4747-4, P4750-5, P4750-6, P4822-4, P4822-5, P4822-6, P4831-6, P4831-7, P4839-4, P4839-5, P4871-6, P4871-7, P4874-4, P4874-5, P5034-4, P5034-4A, P5034-5, P5034-5A, P5055-1, P5055-2, P5056-1, P5056-2, P5070-2, P5070-3, P5070-4, P5071-1, P5071-2, P5071-3, P5071-4, P5097-1, P5097-2, P5098-1, P5098-2, P5120, P5122, P5122-A, P5140, P5140-6, P5140-J, P5140-M, P5145, P5146, P5159-1E, P5159-2E, P5159-E, P5166, P5198, P5209, P5209-1, P5215-1, P5215-1F, P5215-16, P5215-1J, P5216-1, P5216-1F, P5216-16, P5216-1J, P5217, P5217-1, P5217-2, P5231, P5231-A, P5231-B, P5231-C, P5232, P5232-A, P5256, P5258-J, P5258-M, P5258-R, P5261-J, P5261-M, P5262-E, P5264-1E, P5265, P5274, P5274-2, P5275, P5275-1, P5275-2, P5279, P5279-1, P5295, P5295-A, P5295-B, P5295-C, P5295-D, P5298, P5298-1, P5308, P5309, P5309-1, P5320-E, P5324, P5324-1, P5324-2, P5324-2A, P5324-3, P5332-M, P5333-1, P5338, P5338-1, P5338-2, P5343, P5346, P5346-1, P5347, P5347-1, P5347-1A, P5384, P5384-1, P5384-2, P5385-1, P5385-2, P5385-3, P5409, P5409-1, P5409-2, P5414, P5414-1, P 5414-2, P5421, P5437, P5437-3, P5437-4, P5440, P5440-1, P5440-2, P5444, P5444-1, P5445, P5445-1, P5446, P5465, P5465-1, P5465-2, P5468, P5476, P5476-1, P5480, P5481, P5489, P5489-A, P5490, P5490-1, P5506, P5506-1, P5506-2, P5508, P5508-1, P5511-A, P5511-B, P5511-C, P5512-A, P5512-B, P5512-C, P5528, P5528-1, P5530, P5534, P5534-A, P5534-B, P5563, P5563-1, P5563-2, P5570, P5570-A, P5571, P5571-1, P5571-1A, P5571-A, P5571-B, P5572, P5573, P5573-6, P5574, P5574-1, P5575-1, P5591, P5591-1, P5602, P5602-1, P5602-2, P5616, P5616-B, P5616-D, P5624, P5624-1, P5624-1A, P5624-2, P5624-2A, P5624-A, P5625, P5625-1, P5626, P5627, P5627-1A, P5652, P5653, P5656, P5657, P5659, P5660, P5661, P5662, P5663, P5664, P5665, P5666, P5698, P5701, P5703, P5711, P5712, P5739, P5750, P4970-2B, P4970-3C, P4971-2B, P4972, P4972-1A, P4976, P4977, P4978, P4979, P4980, P4981, P4986, P4988, P4991, P5423, P5423-1, P5423-2, P5472, P5472-1, P5495, P5497-1, P5497-2A, P5497-2B, P5497-3A, P5497-3B, P5585, P5593, P5593-A, P5601, P5604, P5510, P5610-1, P5610-2, P5630, P5630-A, P5704, P5704-A, P5724, P5749

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