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Lift pump diaphragms for CAV DFP1 and PFP pumps


Lift pump diaphragms for DFP1 and PFP pumps


Diaphragms to fit DFP1/1, DFP1/3, DFP1/3, DFP1/4, DFP1E/5, DFP1/6, PFP5, PFPY6, PFP7, PFPSY4, PFPSY4, PFPS5, PFPS7 and PFPS8 lift pumps as used in Volvo Penta, Rolls Royce, Leyland and AEC. Item number 5 in the exploded diagram, approximately 80mm in diameter. These are sold in pairs but there will be multiple layers fitted in the pump.

Equivalent to part numbers:

CAV  7092-85

Please check yours looks exactly like the ones pictured

Fits the following lift pumps:

62200010, 6200020, 6200030, 6200040, 6200051, 6200060, 6206050, 6206060, 6206070, 6206080, 6206240, 6206250, 6206270, 6206280

DFP1, DFP3 and DFP6 diaphragm feed pumps are primarily intended for use with engines the fuel supply of which is below the level of the injection pump. The range is designed mainly for oil engines although the DFP3 double-diaphragm models may be for multi-fuel engine applications.
Whilst DFP1 feed pumps have been developed for use with BPE fuel injection pumps, DFP3 feed pumps are intended for use with N and NN injection pumps and DFP6 feed pumps are designed for use in conjunction with the AA range of injection pumps. Diaphragm feed pumps are mounted on the side of the injection pump, thus providing an uninterrupted supply of fuel oil at constant pressure to the injection pump inlet. In this way, pressure fluctuation is eliminated and calibration of the injection pump becomes regularised. Basically, the pumps consist of a diaphragm contained in a suitable housing, and actuated by an eccentric on the injection pump camshaft through a bell-crank lever.

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