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Lift Pump Lucas Delphi HFP184


Equivalent to:

NISSAN: 994094, 994O94
VAUXHALL: 25061529, 25066378, 25O61529, 25O66378
MASSEY FERGUSON: 2641309, 26413O9
PERKINS: 264131O, 2641317, 2641AO63, 26413O9, 2641311, 2641310, 2641309, 2641A063
SOFABEX: 3960, 396O
GENERAL MOTORS: 7971233, 25O66378, 25O61529, 25066378, 25061529
BCD CORONA & C: 1812
ACDelco: 7971233, 461-167, 461-184, 7971040, 7971O4O
GP: PAD850, PAD85O


Low pressure mechanical lift pump which feeds diesel from the fuel tank to the injection pump.

Additional information

Weight1.5 kg
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