Lucas CAV DP15 driveshaft oil seal


Lucas CAV DP15 driveshaft oil seal

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Lucas CAV DP15 driveshaft oil seal. This fits the 6 and 8 cylinder pumps. Commonly the Perkins V8 640 engine.

Fits the following DP15 pumps:

8212012A, 8212032A, 8212053A, 8212060A, 8216019А, 8216014А, 8216015А, 8216016А, 8216021А, 8216022А, 8216023А, 8216024А, 8216025А, 8216030A, 8216031А, 8216032А, 8216033А, 8216040A, 8216041 А, 8216042А, 8216060A, 8216074С, 8216080A, 8216081А, 821609ОА, 8216111А, 8216121А, 8216131А, 8216140A, 8216150A, 8216170A, 8216171 А, 8216172А, 8216173A, 8216180A, 8216181A, 8216182A, 8216190А, 8216191A, 8216200A, 8216201A, 8216202A, 8216204A, 8216210A, 8216211A, 8216212A, 8216230A, 8216231A, 8216232A, 8216233A, 8216234A, 8216241A, 8216250A, 8216251A, 8216260A, 8216320A, 8216321A, 8216400A, 8216410A, Z8212053A, Z8216074A1

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