Lucas CAV DPA fuel outlet banjo bolt with pressurising valve 7180-357B


Imperial banjo bolt pressurising valve for fuel outlets from DPA and DPS pumps.

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This is a replacement banjo bolt to fit some DPA pumps which includes a non return valve.

Item 25 in the exploded diagram

We will need this or your pump number to send the correct type.

A standard banjo bolt is also available HERE

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3062F190, 3062F200, 3062F210, 3062F220, 3062F300, 3062F310, 3062F400, 3062F430, 3230F560T, 3230F561T, 3230F562T, 3230F563T, 3230F564T, 3230F565T, 3230F570T, 3230F571T, 3230F572T, 3230F580T, 3230F581T, 3230F582T, 3233F620, 3238F200, 3238F472, 3238F473, 3239F280, 3239F310, 3239F320, 3239F321, 3239F330T, 3239F331T, 3239F340T, 3239F341T, 3239F590T, 3239F591T, 3239F592T, 3241F690, 3241F691, 3241F700, 3241F701, 3241F780, 3241F790, 3241F830, 3241F840, 3241F850, 3241F860, 3241F861, 3241F862, 3247F280, 3247F290, 3247F350, 3249F500, 3249F530, 3249F531, 3249F532, 3249F533, 3249F870, 3249F910, 3260F428, 3260F429, 3260F530T, 3260F531T, 3260F532T, 3260F533T, 3260F534T, 3268F640, 3268F860, 3268F861, 3269F180, 3269F390, 3269F530, 3269F531, 3269F870, 3269F871, 3282020, 3282021, 3282030, 3282F021, 3282F030, 3282F040, 3282F050, 3282F060, 3282F070, 3282F080, 3282F090, 3282F100, 3340F170T, 3340F171T, 3340F260T, 3340F261T, 3340F262T, 3340F263T, 3340F264T, 3340F280T, 3340F281T, 3340F282T, 3340F283T, 3340F284T, 3340F300G, 3340F310G, 3340F320T, 3340F321T, 3340F322T, 3340F340G, 3340F341G, 3340F350G, 3340F351G, 3340F360G, 3340F361G, 3340F370G, 3340F371G, 3340F390G, 3340F391G, 3340F400G, 3340F401G, 3340F410T, 3340F411T, 3340F420G, 3342F171, 3342F540, 3342F740, 3342F820, 3342F920, 3343F060, 3343F090, 3343F091, 3343F131, 3343F220, 3343F221, 3343F240, 3343F241, 3343F250, 3343F310, 3343F310P, 3343F310T, 3343F311P, 3343F311T, 3343F460, 3343F590, 3343F600, 3343F601, 3343F610, 3343F611, 3343F612, 3343F613, 3343F620, 3343F621, 3343F710, 3343F720, 3343F721, 3343F740, 3343F741, 3343F742, 3343F743, 3343F744, 3343F745, 3343F840, 3343F850, 3343F860, 3343F861, 3343F862, 3343F863, 3343F864, 3343F950, 3343F951, 3343F952, 3343F953, 3343F954, 3343F960, 3343F961, 3343F980, 3343F990, 3343F991, 3343F992, 3343F993, 3343F993G, 3348F050, 3348F090, 3348F130, 3348F170, 3348F180, 3348F201, 3348F202, 3348F203, 3348F204, 3348F205, 3348F206, 3348F206G, 3348F210, 3348F211, 3348F212, 3348F212G, 3348F212P, 3348F212T, 3348F220, 3348F250, 3348F251, 3348F252, 3348F253, 3348F430, 3348F450, 3348F451, 3348F460, 3348F4G1, 3348F462, 3348F470, 3348F471, 3348F480, 3348F481, 3348F482, 3348F490, 3348F491, 3348F492, 3348F493, 3348F510, 3348F511, 3348F512, 3348F600, 3348F602, 3348F603, 3348F604, 3348F604G, 3348F621, 3348F690G, 3348F690P, 3348F690T, 3348F780G, 3348F780T, 3348F790T, 3348F791G, 3348F791P, 3348F791T, 3348F800G, 3348F800H, 3348F800P, 3348F800T, 3348F810T, 3348F811G, 3348F811T, 3348F820G, 3348F820T, 3348F830G, 3348F830T, 3348F910T, 3348F911G, 3348F911T, 3348F930T, 3348F931T, 3348F932T, 3348F933T, 3348F940G, 3348F940T, 3348F960T, 3348F970G, 3348F970T, 3349F240G, 3349F250T, 3349F251T, 3349F252T, 3349F253T, 3349F330T, 3349F331T, 3349F332T, 3349F333T, 3362F150, 3362F151, 3362F160, 3362F161, 3362F162, 3362F390, 3362F391, 3363F170, 3363F380, 3363F780, 3462F860G, 3541F020, 3542F490, 3542F500, 3542F520, 3542F521, 3542F610, 3542FG11, 3542F640, 3542F660, 3542F760, 3542F840, 3542F841, 3542F842, 3542F880, 3542F890, 3542F900, 3542F901, 3542F970, 3543F020, 3546E080, 3546E130, 3546E131, 3630F020T, 3630F021T, 3640F260, 3640F261, 3640F262, 3640F270, 3640F271, 3640F272, 3640F300, 3640F301, 3640F350, 3640F380W, 3G40F390W, 3640F400G, 3640F400T, 3640F410G, 3640F410T, 3640F420G, 3640F420T, 3642F290, 3642F291, 3642F330, 3642F331, 3642F332, 3642F340, 3642F341, 3642F342, 3642F343, 3G42F450, 3642F520, 3642F521, 3642F580, 3642F581, 3642F780G, 3642F790T, 3642F800G, 3642F830G, 3642F831G, 3642F860G, 3642F861G, 3642F870G, 3642F871G, 3642F880W, 3642F890G, 3642F891G, 3642F960G, C3249F531, V3249F532, V3249F870, V3642F450

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