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Lucas CAV DPS advance housing and piston 7139-927D Genuine CAV Delphi

Advance housing and piston fitted to some CAV DPS pumps

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Advance housing and piston fitted to some CAV DPS pumps

Item number 256 in the exploded diagram

Fits DPS pumps:

8520A290A, 8520A291A, 8520A920A, 8520A921A, 8520A922A, 8520A923A, 8520A924A, 8521A070A, 8521A120A, 8521A160A, 8521A170A, 8521A470A, 8521A471A, 8521A472A, 8521A473A, 8521A480A, 8521A481A, 8521A490A, 8521A500A, 8521A570A, 8521A571A, 8521A572A, 8521A573A, 8521A660A, 8521A880R, 8521A660K, 8521A661R, 8521A661X, 8521A882K, 8521A882R, 8521A662W, 8521A882X, 8521A663W, 8521A750A, 8521A751A, 8521A760A, 8521A781A, 8521A762A, 8521A770A, 8521A771A, 8521A772A, 8523A390A, 8524A020A, 8524A030A, 8524A120A, 8524A121A, 8524A130A, 8524A131A, 8524A132A, 8524A140A, 8524A141A, 8524A142A, 8524A143A

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