Lucas CAV DPS and DP200 throttle spring


This is the throttle return spring for some DPS and DP200 pumps.

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This is the throttle return spring for some DPS and DP200 pumps

Item 520 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

8920A001T, 8920A002T, 8920A003T, 8920A004T, 8920A004Y, 8920A005T, 8920A005Y, 8920A006T, 8920A006Y, 8920A007T, 8920A00SG, 8920A009G, 8920A010T, 8920A012T, 8820A013T, 8820A014T, 8820A015T, 8820A016G, 8820A016T, 8820A017G, 8820A018G, 8820A021T, 8820A022T, 8820A023T, 8820A024T, 8820A025T, 8820A026G, 8820A027G, 8820A028G, 8820A030T, 8820A032T, 8820A033T, 8820A033Y1, 8920A034T, 8920A034Y, 8920A035T, 8920A035Y, 8320A036G, 8320A036T, 8320A037G, 8320A041P, 8320A042P, 8320A043P, 8320A044P, 8320A045P, 8320A046H, 8320A050P, 8320A051P, 8320A052P, 8320A053P, 8320A054P, 8320A055H, 8320A056H, 8320A060T, 8320A061T, 8320A062T, 8320A063T, 8320A064G, 8320A065G, 8320A030W, 8920A091W, 8320A032W, 8320A033W, 8920A094W, 8320A035W, 8920A096W, 8920A097W, 8920A110W, 8920A111W, 8920A112W, 8920A113W, 8920A114W, 8920A115W, 8920A116W, 8920A117W, 8920A120W, 8920A121W, 8920A122W, 8920A123W, 8920A124W, 8920A125W, 8920A126W, 8920A127W, 8920A129W 8920A150T, 8920A151T, 8920A152T, 8920A153T, 8320A154P, 8320A154T, 8320A155P, 8320A155T, 8320A160P, 8320A161P, 8320A162P, 8320A163P, 8320A164P, 8320A165P, 8320A166H, 8320A167H, 8320A169H, 8920A170P, 8920A171P, 8920A172P, 8920A173P, 8920A174P, 8920A175H, 8920A175P, 8920A176H, 8920A177H, 8920A179H, 8920A230W, 8920A231W, 8320A232W, 8320A233W, 8920A234W, 8920A237W, 8320A230W, 8320A300W, 8320A30W, 8320A320W, 8320A330T, 8320A331P, 8320A331T, 8320A932P, 8320A932T, 8320A340T, 8320A341T, 8320A342T, 8320A343P, 8320A343T, 8320A370T, 8320A371P, 8320A371T, 8320A380T, 8920A381P, 8920A381T 8920A382P 8320A382T 8320A330T 8320A331P 8320A331T 8320A450T 8320A451P 8320A451T 8320A470T 8320A471T 8920A472P 8320A472T 8320A480T 8320A481T 8920M82P 8320A482T 8320A500T 8320A501P 8320A501T 8320A510T 8320A511P 8320A511T 8320A530T 8320A531P 8320A531T 8320A540T 8320A541T 8920A542P 8320A542T 8320A550T 8320A551T 8920A552P 8920A552T 8920A730W, 8920A731W, 8320A732W, 8320A733W, 8320A740W, 8320A741W, 8320A742W, 8320A750W, 8320A751W, 8320A752W, 8320A755W, 8320A760W, 8320A761W, 8320A762W, 8320A763W, 8320A765W, 8320A730P, 8320A730T, 8320A731P, 8320A731T, 8320A800P, 8320A800T, 8320A801P, 8320A801T, 8320A810P, 8320A810T, 8320A811P, 8320A811T, 8920A820P, 8320A820T, 8320A821P, 8320A821T, 8920A870P, 8920A870T, 8920A880P, 8920A880T, 8920A890P, 8920A890T, 8920A900P, 8920A900T, 8920A910P, 8920A910T, 8920A920P, 8920A920T, 8920A930P, 8320A330T, 8320A340P, 8320A340T, 8320A350P, 8320A350T, 8320A370T, 8320A380W, 8920A981W, 8320A382W, 8320A383W, 8920A984W, 8320A330W, 8920A991W, 8320A932W, 8320A333W, 8920A994W, 8920A997W, 8321A020W, 8921A021W, 9321A030W, 8921A031W, 9321A050W, 8921A051W, 8921A052W, 8921A053W, 8921A054W, 8921A055W, 8921A056W, 8921A060W, 8921A061W, 8921A062W, 8921A063W, 8921A064W, 8921A065W, 8921A066W, 8921A080W, 8921A081W, 8921A082W, 8921A083W, 8921A084W, 8921A085W, 8921A086W, 8921A090W, 8921A091W, 8921A092W, 8921A093W, 8921A094W, 8921A095W, 8921A220W, 8921A221W, 8921A222W, 8921A223W, 8921A224W, 8921A250P, 8921A251P, 8921A252P, 8921A260T, 8921A261P, 8921A261T, 8921A270T, 8921A271P, 8921A271T, 8921A280P, 8921A280T, 8921A290T, 8921A291T, 8921A340W, 8321A350W, 8321A3S0W, 8921A400T, 8921A401T, 8921A410T, 8921A411P, 8921A411T, 8321A420W, 8921A490P, 8921A490T, 8921A510P, 8921A510T, 8921A570P, 8921A570T, 8921A580P, 8921A580T, 8921A590P, 8921A590T, 9321AS10W, 8921A611W, 9321AS12W, 9321AS20W, 8921A621W, 8921A622W, 8921A630W, 8921A633W, 8321A640W, 9321AS43W, 8921A644W, 8921A760P, 8321A850W, 8321A330W, 8921A991W, 9321A932W, 8322A000T, 9322A000T, 8322A001T, 9322A001Y, 9322A002T, 9322A002Y, 9322A003T, 8922A003Y, 9322A004T, 8922A004Y, 9322A005G, 9322A005T, 9322A00SG, 9322A150W, 9322A191W, 9322A200W, 9322A201W, 9322A320W, 9322A321W, 9323A000W, 9323A001W, 8923A002W, 8923A003W, 8923A010W, 8923A011W, 8923A012W, 8923A013W, 8923A014W, 8923A015W, 8923A020W, 8923A021W, 8923A022W, 8923A060P, 8923A060T, 8923A070T, 8923A080T, 8923A090T, 8923A110P, 8923A110T, 8923A140P, 8923A140T, 8923A150P, 8923A150T, 8923A151P, 8923A151T, 8923M80Y, 8923A481’Y, 8923A82Y, 8923A83Y, 8923A90Y, 8923A491Y] 8923A92Y, 8923A510W, 8923A511W, 8923A530W, 8923A531W, 8923A590W, 8923A591W, 8923A594W, 8923A600W, 8923A601W, 8923A604W, 8923A610W, 8923A611W, 8923A612W, 8923A613W, 8923A614W, 8923A640W, 8923A641W, 8923A643W, 8923A644W, 8923A650W, 8923A651W, 8923A652W, 8923A653W, 8923A654W, 8923A660W, 8923A661W, 8923A662W, 8923A663W, 8923A664W, 8923A670W, 8923A671W, 8923A672W, 8923A673W, 8923A674W, 8923A680W, 8923A684W, 8923A710W, 8923A711W, 8923A712W, 8923A714W, 8923A730G, 8923A731G, 8323A740G, 8323A741G, 8323A750G, 8323A751E, 8323A751G, 8323A752G, 8323A753E, 8323A770W, 8323A771W, 8923A772W, 8923A774W, 8323A780W, 8323A781W, 8923A782W, 8923A784W, 8323A730W, 8323A731W, 8923A792W, 8923A794W, 8323A800W, 8323A801W, 8923A802W, 8923A804W, 8323A810W, 8323A811W, 8323A812W, 8323A814W, 8323A820W, 8323A821W, 8923A823W, 8323A850W, 8923A851W, 8923A852W, 8923A853W, 8923A860W, 8923A861W, 8923A862W, 8923A863W, 8923A880W, 8923A881W, 8923A882W, 8923A883A, 8923A900W, 8923A901W, 8923A902A, 8923A903W, 8923A920W, 8923A921W, 8923A923A, 8923A930W, 8323A331W, 8923A932W, 8923A933W, 8923A934W, 8323A340W, 8923A941W, 8923A942W, 8923A944W, 8924A010W, 8924A011W, 8324A030W, 8924A031W, 8324A050W, 8924A130W, 8924A131W, 8924A132W, 8924A133W, 8924A134W, 8924A140W, 8924A141W, 8924A142W, 8924A143W, 8924A150W, 8924A151W, 8924A152W, 8924A153W, 8924A154W, 8924A160W, 8924A161W, 8924A162W, 8924A163W, 8924A270W, 8924A271W, 8924A272W, 8924A320W, 8924A321W, 8924A322W, 8924A323V7, 8324A330W, 8924A331W, 8924A932W, 8325A300H, 8325A301H, 8325A310H, 8925A311H, 8920A070W, 8920A071W, 8920A072W, 8920A073W, 8920A074W, 8920A075W, 8920A076W, 8920A080W, 8920A081W, 8920A082W, 8920A083W, 8920A084W, 8920A085W, 8920A100W, 8920A101W, 8920A102W, 8920A103W, 8920A106W, 8920A220W, 8920A221W, 8920A222W, 8920A223W, 8920A224W, 8920A226W, 8922A010W, 8922A011W, 8922A012W, 8922A013W, 8922A020W, 8922A021W, 8922A022W, 8922A023W, 8922A024W, 8922A026W, 8922A030W, 8322A031W, 8322A032W, 8322A033W, 8922A034W, 8322A035W, 8922A036W, 8322A040W, 8922A041W, 8922A042W, 8922A043W, 8922A044W, 8922A046W, 8922A047W, 8322A050W, 8322A051W, 8922A052W, 8922A053W, 8322A080W, 8322A081W, 8922A082W, 8922A083W, 8922A084W, 8322A085W, 8322A030W, 8322A031W, 8922A092W, 8922A093W, 8322A035W, 8322A100W, 8322A101W, 8322A102W, 8922A103W, 8922A110W, 8922A111W, 8922A112W, 8922A113W, 8922A114W, 8922A115W, 9320A150G, 9320A151G, 9320A353G, 9320A354G, 9320A355G, 9320A356G, 9320A530G, 9320A710G, 9322A070G, 9322A100G, 9322A230G, 9323A110G, 9323A110H, 9323A111G, 9323A170H, 9323A200G, 9323A200H, 9323A230G, 8521A750A, 8521A751A, 8521A760A, 8521A761A, 8521A762A, 8521A770A, 8521A771A, 8521A772A, 8523A700X, 8523A701W, 8523A701X, 8523A702W, 8523A750W, 8524A120A, 8524A121A, 8524A130A, 8524A131A, 8524A132A, 8524A140A, 8524A141A, 8524A142A, 8524A143A, 8524A220X, 8524A230X, 8524A231X, 8524A270X, 8524A271X, 8524A272X, 8524A273W, 8524A280X, 8524A281X, 8524A282X, 8524A283X, 8524A285W, 8524A330W

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