Lucas CAV DPS cam ring and scroll plate kit 7174-67BQ


This is the cam ring and scroll plate kit for Lucas DPS pumps.

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This is the cam ring and scroll plate for some Lucas CAV DPS pumps 7174-67BQ

Item 51 in the exploded diagram. We will need your pump number to supply this part

Please note: there is an approximate two week lead time for this part

Fits the following DPS pumps:

8521A510A, 8521A511A, 8521A512A, 8521A513G, 8521A600A, 8521A720A1 8521A781A, 8521A782A, 8521A783G, 8521A810A, 8521A811A, 8521A812A, 8521A812P, 8521A812T, 8521A813P, 8521A813T, 8521A814G, 8521A814P, 8521A814T, 8521A820A, 8521A821A, 8521A822A, 8521A823G, 8524A040A, 8524A041A, 8524A041T, 8524A042P, 8524A042T, 8524A043T, 8524A044G, 8524A044P, 8524A044T, 8524A261P, 8524A261T, 8524A262G, 8524A262H, 8524A262P, 8524A440T, 8524A441G

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