Lucas CAV DPS hydraulic head 7183-129K


Hydraulic head fitted to some Lucas CAV DPS pumps

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Hydraulic head fitted to some Lucas CAV DPS pumps

Rotor code: 043K

Head code: 517

Item 57 in the exploded diagram

Equivalent to: 7182-902K

Fits the following pumps:

8520A711A, 8520A712A, 8520A713A, 8520A714A, 8520A721A, 8520A731A, 8520A741A, 8520A742A, 8520A751A, 8520A781A, 8520A783A, 8520A771A, 8520A781A, 8520A782A, 8520A783A, 8520A781A, 8520A782A, 8520A783A, 8520A801A, 8520A802A, 8520A803A, 8520A811A, 8520A812A, 8520A812A, 8520A810A, 8520A821A, 8520A822A, 8520A831A, 8520A841A, 8520A842A, 8520A843A, 8520A844A, 8520A845A, 8520A851A, 8520A852A, 8520A853A, 8520A854A, 8520A861A, 8520A862A, 8523A200A, 8523A61OR, 8523A611R, 8523A612R, 8523A613K, 8523A613R, 8523A620R, 8523A621R, 8523A622R, 8523A623K, 8523A623R, 8523A624K, 8523A680K, 8523A682W, 8560A000A

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