Lucas CAV DPS hydraulic head 7185-197L


Hydraulic head fitted to some Lucas CAV DPS pumps

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Hydraulic head fitted to some Lucas CAV DPS pumps

Rotor code: 482L

Head code: 408

Item 57 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

8523A462A, 8523A463A, 8523A464A, 8523A472X, 8523A472V, 8523A473K, 8523A473Y, 8523A482X, 8523A492V, 8523A483K, 8523A493Y1, 8523A512K, 8523A512V, 8523A513X, 8523A513Y, 8523A630X, 8523A630Y, 8523A631W, 8523A631X, 8523A631Y, 8523A632W, 8523A632Y, 8523A640K, 8523A640Y, 8523A641W, 8523A641X, 8523A641Y, 8523A642W, 8523A642Y, 8523A650X, 8523A650Y, 8523A651W, 8523A651X, 8523A651Y, 8523A652W, 8523A652Y, 8523A700X, 8523A701W, 8523A701X, 8523A702W, 8523A710X, 8523A720X, 8523A732X, 8523A733W, 8523A734W, 8523A750W, 8523A801Y, 8523A802W, 8523A802Y, 8523A803Y, 8523A880W, 8523A881W, 8523A882W, 8523A883W

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