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Lucas CAV DPS latch valve assembly USED

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Latch valve assembly used in DPS pumps

This is a serviceable USED part

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Latch valve assembly used in some DPS pumps

Item 100 in the exploded diagram

This is a serviceable USED part

Fits the following pumps:

8523A470X, 8523A470Y, 8523A471X, 8523A471Y, 8523A472X, 8523A472Y, 8523A473X, 8523A473Y, 8523A490X, 8523A490Y, 8523A491X, 8523A491Y, 8523A492X, 8523A492Y, 8523A493X, 8523A493Y, 8523A510X, 8523A510Y, 8523A511X, 8523A511Y, 8523A512X, 8523A512Y, 8523A513X, 8523A513Y, 8523A630X, 8523A630Y, 8523A631W, 8523A631X, 8523A631Y, 8523A632W, 8523A632Y, 8523A640X, 8523A640Y, 8523A641W, 8523A641X, 8523A641Y, 8523A642W, 8523A642Y, 8523A650X, 8523A650Y, 8528A651W, 8523A651X, 8523A651Y, 8523A652W, 8523A652Y, 8523A700X, 8523A701W, 8523A701X, 8523A702W, 8523A710X, 8523A720X, 8523A750W, 8523A880W, 8523A881W, 8524A150X, 8524A181X, 8524A181Y, 8524A182X, 8524A182Y, 8524A150X, 8524A181X, 8524A182X, 8524A200X, 8524A201X, 8524A202X

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