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Pivot lever for Simms Majormec VN and ZN governors 500194 USED

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Pivot lever for Simms Majormec VN and ZN governors 500194

This is a serviceable USED part

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Pivot lever for Simms Majormec VN and ZN governors 500194

Item 294 and 295 in the exploded diagram

This is a serviceable USED part

Fits the following pumps:

P4822, P4822-1, P4822-2, P4822-3, P4822-4, P4822-5, P4822-6, P4831, P4831-1, P4831-2, P4831-3, P4831-4, P4831-5, P4831-6, P4831-7, P4839, P4839-1, P4839-2, P4839-3, P4839-4, P4861, P4881-1, P4861-2, P4861-3, P4861-4, P4871-4, P4871-5, P4871-6, P4871-7, P4874, P4874-1, P4874-2, P4874-3, P4874-4, P4874-5, P5097, P5097-1, P5097-2, P5098, P5098-1, P5098-2, P5120, P5122, P5122-A, P5140, P5140-G, P5140-J, P5140-M, P5146, P5166, P5215-1, P5215-1F, P5215-1G, P5215-1J, P5216-1, P521G-1F, P521G-1G, P521G-1J, P5217, P5217-1, P5217-2, P5256, P5295, P5295-A, P5295-B, P5295-C, P5295-D, P5324, P5324-1, P5324-2, P5324-2A, P5324-3, P5332-M, P5338, P5338-1, P5338-2, P5343, P5346, P5346-1, P5347, P5347-1, P5347-1A, P5385-1, P5385-2, P5385-3, P5409, P5409-1, P5409-2, P5421, P5437, P5468, P5480, P5490, P5490-1, P5506, P5506-1, P5506-2, P5528, P5528-1, P5575-1, P5591, P5591-1, P5602, P5602-1, P5602-2, P5624, P5624-1A, P5624-2, P5624-A, P5625, P5625-1, P5665, P5666, P5698, P5701, P5703, P5711, P5712, P5750, P5593, P5593-A, P4578-4, P4578-5, P4578-5A, P4578-6, P4578-EA, P4578-7, P4578-7A, P4600-4, P4600-4A, P4600-5, P4600-5A, P4600-6, P4600-EA, P4697, P4697-1, P4697-1A, P4697-A, P4698, P4698-1, P4698-1A, P4698-A, P4785, P5091, P5091-1, P5091-2, P5091-3, P5094, P5094-1, P5094-2, P5157

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