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Simms Minimec auto advance gasket 505607


Simms Minimec auto advance gasket 505607

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Simms Minimec auto advance gasket 505607

Item 93C in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

P5134, P5134-2, P5134-2A, P5134-2B, P5134-2C, P5134-A, P5134-B, P5134-C, P5138, P5138-1E, P5138-A, P5138-B, P5138-C, P5139-A, P5139-8, P5139-E, P5153, P5154, P5178-1B, P5178-1C, P5178-38, P5178-3C, P5178-48, P5178-4C, P5178-4D, P5178-4DZ, P5178-4E, P5178-4F, P5179-1, P5179-2, P5179-38, P5179-3C, P5179-3D, P5189-1A, P5189-1B, P5189-1C, P5190-1A, P5190-1B, P5190-1C, P5194, P5194-1, P5194-2, P5194-2A, P5194-2B, P5195-1, P5195-2, P5195-2A, P5195-2B, P5204, P5205

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