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Tappet body tee piece for Minimec pumps 26281 USED

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Tappet body locating tee for CAV Simms Minimec pumps

This is a serviceable USED part

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Tappet body locating tee piece for Minimec pumps

This is a serviceable USED part

Item number 81 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

P4803, P4803-A, P4803-B, P4803-C, P48S9, P486S-1, P486S-1A, P4869-1B, P4869-1C, P4869-2, P4869-2A, P4869-2B, P4869-2C, P4869-3, P48S9-3A, P4869-3B, P48S9-3C, P48S9-4, P48S9-A, P4869-B, P4859-C, P4586-2, P4586-3, P4586-3A, P4586-4, P4586-4A, P45864B, P4586-4D, P4588, P4624, P4624-1, P4624-10, P4624-10A, P4624-2, P4624-3, P4624-4, P4624-4A, P4624-5, P4624-5A, P4624-6, P4624-6A, P4624-7A, P4624-8, P4624-9, P4624-9A, P4665, P4665-1, P4665-1A, P4665-2, P4665-3, P4665-3A, P4665-3B, P4665-4, P4665-4A, P46654B, P4665-5, P4665-5A, P4665-5B, P4665-6, P4665-6A, P4665-6B, P4696, P4722, P4722-W, P4749, P4755-1, P4755-1B, P4755-1C, P4755-1D, P4755-1E, P4755-1F, P4759, P4759-1, P4759-1C, P4759-C, P4766, P4812, P4824, P4824-1, P4824-2, P4824-3, P4841, P4876, P4876-1, P4876-1A, P4876-1B, P4876-1C, P4876-1D, P4876-1E, P4876-2, P5025, P5050, P5050-1, P5082-1, P5082-2, P5226, P5226-1, P5226-2

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