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BMW and Land Rover CP1 diesel injection pump puller USED

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Specifically designed for holding the sprocket chain in place when disassembling the CP1 injection pump
BMW engines M47 | M47T2 | M47TU | M57 |
M57TU on BMW 318D | 320D (E46) 1988
2005 and 318TD | 320TD | 525D | 530D |
530 | 535 (E60-E61) 2000-2006.
318d/Compact (E46), 320d/td Compact (E46),
330d (E46), 525d (E39), 525d (E60/61),
530d (E39), 530d (E60/61), 535d (E39), 530d
(E60/61) 535d (E60/61, 730d (E38), X5 3.0d (E53)
Specifically for BMW and Land Rover Freelander
(TD4) and Rover 75 2.0 CDTI, CDT (M47).

BMW, LAND ROVER, Vauxhall Opel

Engine codes M47 / M47TU / M
47T2 / M57 / M57TU / M 57T2

This is a serviceable USED part LIBRARY PHOTO

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This tool is specifically designed for holding the sprocket/chain in place when disassembling the Bosch CP1 injection pump and high pressure common rail pump  fitted to BMW engines from approximately 2001 – 2006

This is a serviceable USED part LIBRARY PHOTO

Fits the following:

M47 | M47T2 | M47TU | M57 | M57TU on BMW 318D | 320D (E46) 1988-2005 and 318TD | 320TD | 525D | 530D | 530 | 535 (E60-E61) 2000-2006.  E39: 520 d / 525 d / 530 d E60/E61: 520 d / 525 d / 530 d / 535 d E63/E64: 635 d ( 04-10 ) E38/E65/E66: 725 tds / 730 d E83: X3 2.0 d / 3.0 d E53/E70: X5 3.0 d E90/E91: 316 d, 320 d E90/E91/E92/E93: 325 d ( 06-10 ), 330 d / xd ( 98-08 ), 335 d

This permits the front sprocket/timing chain alignment to remain undisturbed and remain tensioned, thus saving dismantling time. The tool is designed to fit both inline and transverse mounted pumps. If an HP pump is fitted, the position of the pump pulley does not affect the valve timing. If a distribution injection pump is fitted, then it will be necessary to set the crankshaft at no 1 cylinder TDC, and the pump must be locked using the locking screw to secure the shaft prior to removal.

Method of Use: Remove the blanking plug in the timing chain cover, then the sprocket centre nut. First attach the Support Sleeve, slide the Adaptor without the Force Screw Fitted and connect to the sprocket. Screw in the Force Screw to release the sprocket from the tapered shaft. Leave the tools attached to maintain the pump sprocket position.

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