Bryce FAOAB barrel locking washer 106-118


Barrel locking washer to fit some Bryce injection pumps


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Barrel locking washer to fit some Bryce injection pumps.

Item 5 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

FAOAB060B0015, FAOAB080B0015, FAOAB070B0092, FAOAB070B0111, FAOAB050B0139, FAOAB075D0217, FAOAB070C0177, FAOAB070C0178, FAOAB050C0179, FAOAB050C0180, FAOAB080C0210, FAOAB080C0215, FAOAB080C0280, FAOA8065C0290, FAOAB070C0292, FAOAB080C0295, FAOAB090C0457, FAOAB080C0531, FAOAB080C0626, FAOAB080C0700

A1AA50/5S15AV, A1AA80/5515AV, A1AA70/5S92H, A1AA70/55111H, A1AA60/5S139H, A1AA75/7S217, A1AA70/6S177H, A1AA70/6S178H, A1AA50/6S179A, A1AA50/6S180A, A1AA80/6S210A, A1AA80/6S215A, A1AA80/6S280, A1AA65/6S280, A1AA80/6S295, A1AA70/6S292, A1DA75/7S373

FAOAN075B0373, FAOAN090B0429, FAOAN075B0447, FAOAN075X0447, FAOAN075B0513, FAOAN075B0520, FAOAN075B0543, FAOAN100X0575



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