Bryce FAOAB pump control rod bellows 1-152


Control rod bellows for Bryce FAOAB fuel injection pumps

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Control rod bellows suitable for use on the FAOAB type fuel pumps used on many Lister and Petter single and multi cylinder engines including the Petter PH and the Petter PJ series.

Item 7 and 31 in the exploded diagrams

Equivalent to: Lister 367900, 256188,

Fits the following pumps:

FAOAB080C0210, FAOAB080C0215, FAOAB080C0700, FAOAB080C0705, FAOAB080C0770, FAOAB080C0280, FAOAB080C0295, FAOAB075D0217, FAOAB070C0177, FAOAB070C0178, FAOAB050C0179, FAOAB050C0180, FAOA8065C0290, FAOAB070C0292, FAOAB08OCO295, FAOAB080C0531, FAOAB080C0626, FAOAB080C0700

A1AA75/7S217, A1AA70/6S177H, A1AA70/6S178H, A1AA50/6S179A, A1AA50/6S180A, A1AA65/6S290, A1AA70/6S292, A1AA80/6S295

Fits the following applications:

Lister HRW2 HRW3, PH1 PH2, AC1, AD1, PJ1, PJ2, PJ3, PJ4





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