Lucas CAV Delphi universal 12v stop solenoid. 7185-900W


12 volt stop solenoid for engines fitted with CAV and Lucas fuel pumps.


12 volt stop solenoid for most engines fitted with CAV and Delphi fuel pumps. This is a good quality non genuine part

If your vehicle also has an anti-theft device fitted to the pump which has become defective, this can be removed and replaced with this solenoid.

This solenoid has the blue top stud fitting,

Voltage: 12v
Fuel Pump type: DPA, DPS DPC
Thread: M14 1.5 pitch
Terminal type: M5 Screw type

24mm across hex flats

Equivalent numbers:

Citroen – 1680-85, 94 01 680 448, 5506051

Fiat – 9948032, 9936954, 9938680

Ford – 6161822, 1587048, 85FF9D278CA

Opel – 90350826

Peugeot – 1680-85, 1680-71, 1680-55, 1680-52

Renault – 77 01 030 222

Equivalent to:

9009-012A, 9009-034, 9009-026B, 9009-041, 9009-049, 9009-049A, 9108-073A, 7167-620A, 7167-620B

Fits the following pumps and more:

3238F730, 3238F731, 3238F740, 3238F741, 3238F770, 3238F771, 3238F940, 3238F941, 3348F300, 3348F301, 3348F310, 3348F311, 3348F340, 3348F341, 3348F370, 3348F371, 3348F380, 3348F381, 3348F382, 3348F390, 3348F570, 3348F571, 3363F660, 3363F661, 3363F662, 3363F680, 3363F681, 3363F682, 3363F690, 3363F691, 3363F692, 3363F790, 3363F791, 3432F900, 3432F920, 3432F990, 3442F959, 3443390, 3443390A, 3443400, 3443410, 3443430, 3443430B, 3443450, 3443460, 3443460A, 3443462, 3443470, 3443471, 3443480, 3443481, 3443490, 3443491, 3443500, 3443501, 3443540, 3443541, 3443550, 3443552, 3443560, 3443610, 3443620, 3443660, 3443740, 3443F390, 3443F391, 3443F400, 3443F401, 3443F402, 3443F412, 3443F430, 3443F430B, 3443F431, 3443F432, 3443F433, 3443F450, 3443F460, 3443F462, 3443F470, 3443F471, 3443F480, 3443F481, 3443F490, 3443F491, 3443F492, 3443F500, 3443F503, 3443F540, 3443F541, 3443F542, 3443F543, 3443F544, 3443F545, 3443F550, 3443F551, 3443F552, 3443F560, 3443F569, 3443F600, 3443F601, 3443F610, 3443F611, 3443F611C, 3443F614, 3443F620, 3443F621, 3443F650, 3443F660, 3443F661, 3443F662, 3443F665, 3443F740, 3443F741, 3443F750, 3443F751, 3443F760, 3443F761, 3443F761A, 3443F770, 3443F771, 3443F772, 3443F772A, 3443F773, 3443F774, 3443F780, 3443F780A, 3443F781, 3443F781A, 3443F783, 3443F784, 3443F784A, 3443F785, 3443F786, 3443F787, 3443F790, 3443F790A, 3443F790B, 3443F791, 3443F792, 3443F792A, 3443F793, 3443F794, 3443F795, 3443F797, 3443F798, 3443F799, 3443F810, 3443F810A, 3443F811, 3443F811A, 3443F820, 3443F821, 3443F824, 3443F825, 3443F827, 3443F900, 3443F901, 3443F940, 3443F941, 3443F942, 3443F943, 3443F944, 3443F945, 3448F010, 3448F140, 3448F160, 3448F170, 3448F172, 3448F180, 3448F181, 3448F183, 3448F184, 3448F210, 3448F240, 3448F241, 3448F250, 3448F251, 3448F260, 3448F280, 3448F290, 3448F291, 3448F310, 3448F340, 3448F350, 3448F360, 3448F361, 3448F370, 3448F371, 3448F380, 3448F390, 3449F010, 3449F011, 3449F012, 3462570, 3462F570, 3462F820, 3462F920, 3462F950, 3462F960, 3462F970, 3742F101, 3742F102, 3742F110, 3742F111, 3742F112, 3742F120, 3742F121, 3742F140, 8413B010A, 8413B020A, 8413B050A, 8413B051B, 8413B070A, 8413B080A, 8413B090A, 8413B100A, 8413B170A, 8413B171A, 8413B172A, 8413B180A, 8413B181A, 8413B182A, 8413B210A, 8413B211A, 8413B212A, 8413B220A, 8413B221A, 8413B222A, 8413B410A, 8413B411A, 8413B421A, 8413B430A, 8413B431A, 8413B441A, 8413B710A, 8413B720A, 8413B730A, 8413B740A, 8413B790A, 8413B800A, 8413B810A, 8413B820A, 8443010A, 8443020A, 8443040A, 8443060A, 8443060B, 8443061A, 8443061B, 8443062A, 8443062B, 8443070A, 8443080A, 8443081A, 8443090A, 8443091A, 8443092A, 8443093A, 8443100A, 8443120A, 8443121B, 8443130A, 8443131A, 8443132B, 8443138A, 8443139A, 8443140A, 8443141A, 8443142B, 8443148A, 8443149A, 8443150A, 8443152A, 8443153B, 8443159A, 8443160A, 8443161A, 8443170A, 8443171B, 8443172C, 8443180A, 8443181B, 8443190A, 8443191A, 8443192B, 8443210A, 8443220A, 8443221A, 8443240A, 8443241A, 8443250A, 8443251B, 8443260A, 8443261B, 8443261C, 8443261D, 8443261E, 8443270A, 8443280A, 8443290A, 8443291B, 8443292B, 8443A121B, 8443A122B, 8443A132B, 8443A142B, 8443A153B, 8443A154B, 8443A155B, 8443A172C, 8443A173C, 8443A181B, 8443A182B, 8443A192B, 8443A210A, 8443A241A, 8443A251B, 8443A252C, 8443A253C, 8443A261D, 8443A261E, 8443A262D, 8443A262E, 8443A270A, 8443A271A, 8443A280A, 8443A281A, 8443A291B, 8443A320A, 8443A321A, 8443A340A, 8443A341A, 8443A350A, 8443A350B, 8443A370A, 8443A371A, 8443A373B, 8443A374B, 8443A390A, 8443A390B, 8443A391A, 8443A400A, 8443A401B, 8443A410A, 8443A490A, 8443A500A, 8443A510A, 8443B111A, 8443B123B, 8443B124B, 8443B125B, 8443B133B, 8443B143B, 8443B144B, 8443B145B, 8443B156B, 8443B174C, 8443B183B, 8443B184B, 8443B193C, 8443B254C, 8443B255D, 8443B256E, 8443B257F, 8443B263D, 8443B263E, 8443B264F, 8443B264G, 8443B273B, 8443B283B, 8443B342A, 8443B343B, 8443B351A, 8443B351B, 8443B352C, 8443B352D, 8443B353E, 8443B353F, 8443B354E, 8443B354F, 8443B355E, 8443B355F, 8443B361B, 8443B362B, 8443B363B, 8443B372A, 8443B375B, 8443B376C, 8443B377C, 8443B380A, 8443B381B, 8443B382B, 8443B383B, 8443B392A, 8443B393C, 8443B393D, 8443B402B, 8443B403C, 8443B411A, 8443B412A, 8443B413A, 8443B421B, 8443B422C, 8443B423D, 8443B424E, 8443B425E, 8443B431B, 8443B431C, 8443B432D, 8443B433D, 8443B442C, 8443B442D, 8443B443E, 8443B444F, 8443B445F, 8443B451B, 8443B451B-MODA, 8443B452C, 8443B453D, 8443B454D, 8443B455D, 8443B456D, 8443B460A, 8443B461B, 8443B461C, 8443B471B, 8443B471C, 8443B471D, 8443B501B, 8443B502C, 8443B511B, 8443B521B, 8443B532B, 8443B533C, 8443B551B, 8443B552C, 8443B553D, 8443B554D, 8443B554E, 8443B555E, 8443B570A, 8443B571B, 8443B572B, 8443B572C, 8443B572D, 8443B572E, 8443B573E, 8443B600A, 8443B601B, 8443B620A, 8443B621A, 8443B630A, 8443B640A, 8443B690A, 8443B690B, 8443B692B, 8443B700A, 8443B701A, 8443B701B, 8443B710A, 8443B721B, 8443B721C, 8443B722D, 8443B730A, 8443B731A, 8443B732B, 8443B733C, 8443B734C, 8443B735D, 8443B736E, 8443B738F, 8443B740A, 8443B741A, 8443B742A, 8443B743B, 8443B744B, 8443B745B, 8443B747D, 8443B748E, 8443B749F, 8443B750A, 8443B760A, 8443B771B, 8443B772B, 8443B783D, 8443B783E, 8443B792C, 8443B793C, 8443B794C, 8443B795D, 8443B796E, 8443B810A, 8443B810B, 8443B811B, 8443B830A, 8443B840A, 8443B850A, 8443B850B, 8443B850C, 8443B860A, 8443B861B, 8443B861C, 8443B871B, 8443B871C, 8443B880A, 8443B881A, 8443B891C, 8443B891D, 8443B910A, 8443B930A, 8443B931A, 8443B932A, 8443B933B, 8443B934B, 8443B940A, 8443B941A, 8443B950A, 8443B951B, 8443B952B, 8443B953C, 8443B954D, 8443B955D, 8443B958E, 8443B960A, 8443B961A, 8443B962A, 8443B970A, 8443B971B, 8443B972C, 8443B980A, 8443B981B, 8443B992B, 8443B994C, 8443B995D, 8443B996E, 8444B020A, 8444B021A, 8444B030A, 8444B040A, 8444B041A, 8444B060B, 8444B060C, 8444B061D, 8444B070B, 8444B070C, 8444B071D, 8444B072E, 8444B073F, 8444B080B, 8444B080C, 8444B081D, 8444B082E, 8444B083E, 8444B083F, 8444B084G, 8444B140A, 8444B141B, 8444B180A, 8444B201B, 8444B202B, 8444B202C, 8444B210A, 8444B210B, 8444B211B, 8444B230A, 8444B231B, 8444B250A, 8444B251A, 8444B281B, 8444B282C, 8444B283C, 8444B284C, 8444B285C, 8444B292C, 8444B293C, 8444B294C, 8444B295C, 8444B300A, 8444B300B, 8444B300C, 8444B301C, 8444B310A, 8444B310B, 8444B310D, 8444B311C, 8444B320A, 8444B340A, 8444B350A, 8444B351B, 8444B360A, 8444B370A, 8444B400A, 8444B401A, 8444B402B, 8444B403A, 8444B403B, 8444B411B, 8444B411C, 8444B412D, 8444B412E, 8444B421B, 8444B422B, 8444B423B, 8444B424C, 8444B426C, 8444B430A, 8444B431A, 8444B440A, 8444B441A, 8444B450A, 8444B460A, 8444B480A, 8444B481A, 8444B482A, 8444B485C, 8444B485D, 8444B520A, 8444B530A, 8444B550A, 8444B570A, 8444B582B, 8444B583C, 8444B584C, 8444B772B, 8444B773C, 8444B774C, 8444B792C, 8444B792D, 8444B800A, 8444B810A, 8444B840A, 8444B850A, 8444B860A, 8444B871B, 8444B911A, 8444B912B, 8444B932C, 8444B980A, 8444B981A, 8444B981B, 8444B991A, 8444B992B, 8445B012B, 8445B090A, 8445B100A, 8445B101B, 8445B120A, 8445B120B, 8445B143D, 8445B144E, 8445B144F, 8445B280A, 8445B280B, 8445B281B, 8445B332B, 8445B333C, 8445B333D, 8445B334E, 8445B340A, 8445B370A, 8445B370C, 8445B370D, 8445B371E, 8445B401B, 8445B421A, 8445B460A, 8448B011B, 8448B012B, 8448B013B, 8448B070A, 8448B071B, 8448B301A, 8448B401B, 8448B401C, 8448B402C, 8470B310A, 8470B311A, 8470B350A, 8470B351A, 8470B450A, 8470B460A, 8470B510A, 8470B530A, 8473B010A, 8473B010B, 8473B010C, 8473B010D, 8473B010E, 8473B011A, 8473B020A, 8473B022A, 8473B030A, 8473B031A, 8473B040A, 8473B041A, 8473B042A, 8473B043A, 8473B050A, 8473B051A, 8473B060A, 8473B061B, 8473B062C, 8473B063C, 8473B100A, 8473B101B, 8473B102B, 8473B110A, 8473B111A, 8473B120A, 8473B121B, 8473B130A, 8473B140A, 8473B150A, 8473B151A, 8473B151B, 8473B160A, 8473B161A, 8473B162A, 8473B180A, 8473B181A, 8473B181B, 8473B200A, 8473B201A, 8473B210A, 8473B211A, 8473B220A, 8473B230A, 8473B240A, 8473B250A, 8473B251A, 8473B252A, 8473B253A, 8473B254A, 8473B270A, 8473B280A, 8473B290A, 8473B320A, 8473B321A, 8473B330A, 8473B340A, 8473B360A, 8473B370A, 8473B390A, 8473B420A, 8478B190A, 8478B191A, 8478B300A, 8478B301A, 8478B380A, 8478B430A, 8478B440A, 8550A000A, 8972A040W, 8972A041W, 8972A042W, 8972A050W, 8972A051W, 8972A052W, 8972A060W, 8972A061W, 8972A062W, 8972A070A, 8972A071A, 8972A072A, 8972A090A, 8972A180A, 8972A181A, 8972A182A, 8972A200A, 8972A220A, 8972A230A, 8972A250W, 8972A260W, 8972A270W, 8972A280A, 8972A290A, 8973A010A, 8973A011A, 8973A012A, 8973A021B, 8973A023C, 8973A024C, 8973A081A, 8973A082A, 8973A110A, 8973A111A, 8973A211A, 8973A212A, 8973A213A, 8973A214A, 8973A215A, 8973A216A, 8973A301A, 8973A311A, C3443F433, C3443F751, C3443F761, C3443F774, C3443F786, C3443F795, C3443F945, C3448F172, C3448F184, C3448F241, C3448F291, C3448F340, C3448F350, C3448F360, C3448F370, C3448F371, C8550A000A/A, C8550A000A/B, R3432F900, R3432F920, R3432F990, R3443740-MODA, R3443740-MODB, R3443F740-MODA, R3443F740-MODB, R3443F741-MODB, R3448F160, R3448F210, R3448F260, R3448F280, R3448F310, R3448F380, R3448F390, R3462F920, R3462F970

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