CAV DPA advance housing and piston 7123-819Z Genuine Delphi


Advance housing and piston fitted to CAV DPA pumps

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Advance housing and piston fitted to CAV DPA pumps, Commonly Land Rover 2.25l engines

Item number 256 in the exploded diagram

Fits DPA pumps:

3246977, 3246D977, 3246E977, 3246F977, 3247030C, 3247D030, 3247D050, 3247D070, 3247F031, 3247F071, 3248370, 3248390, 3248450, 3248570, 3248590, 3248650, 3248760, 3248F430, 3248F431, 3248F570, 3248F591, 3248F650, 3248F760, 3249260, 3249F260, 3249F700, 3249F710, 3249F711, 3249F750, 3249F751, 3249F810, 3249F820, 3249F890, 3342F140, 3342F170, 3342F360, 3342F370, 3343F200, 3343F560, 3348F030, 3348F160, 3348F161, 3348F162, 3348F163, 3542F420, 3542F450, 3542F451, 3542F740, 3542F770, 3542F870, 3543F100, 3247E030, 3247E031, 3248F760, 3249F750

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