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CAV DPA bleed screw for some hydraulic governor housings 5334-414


CAV DPA bleed screw for some hydraulic governor housings

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CAV DPA bleed screw for some hydraulic governor housings commonly fitted to some Perkins and BMC marine engines

Item 100 in the exploded diagram

Equivalent to:  VOLVO 0242531-2, PERKINS 26430509, OPEL 8849819, R75060989

Fits the following pumps:

3244E010, 3246E197, 3246E807, 3246E817, 3246E877, 3246E887, 3246E889, 3246E917, 3246E939, 3246E959, 3246E977, 3246E987, 3246F199, 3246F807, 3246F889, 3246F907, 3246F917, 3246F927, 3246F977, 3246F987, 3247D050, 3247E040, 3247E050, 3247E070, 3247E071, 3247E100, 3247E101, 3247E110, 3247E120, 3247F031, 3247F040, 3247F071, 3247F100, 3247F101, 3247F110, 3247F120, 3247F131, 3247F150, 3247F151, 3247F160, 3247F161, 3247F162, 3247F200, 3247F210, 3247F220, 3247F221, 3264E137, 3264F107, 3266E276, 3266E317, 3266E377, 3266E437, 3266E457, 3266E459, 3266E467, 3266E477, 3266E479, 3266E549, 3266E569, 3266E589, 3266F317, 3266F459, 3266F479, 3266F549, 3266F569, 3266F589, 3266F709, 3266F739, 3267F000, 3267F010, 3267F030, C3246E907, C3246E927, C3246E937, C3247E030, C3247E031, C3264E077, C3264E107

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