Lucas/CAV throttle shaft seals – DPA, DPC and DPS pumps


Viton and Nitrile seals have several very crucial differences that make them especially well suited to certain applications. While both Viton and Nitrile seals both serve as great sealing options at moderate temperatures, Viton is far superior to Nitrile for high temperature applications. Viton seals provide an indefinite seal for temperatures up to 200°C, and for temperatures up to 300°C they offer an excellent seal for more than 48 hours. Nitrile on the other hand is only effective up to 120°C. However, Nitrile seals provide a low temperature sealing option with effective sealing down to temperatures of –30°C, while temperatures below -15°C render Viton seals ineffective as they become quite hard and inflexible.

Along with temperature, other environmental conditions differentiate these two seals. An exceptionally broad range of chemical resistances make Viton seals a perfect option for most applications involving oils, fuels, and mineral acids, and these seals also boast excellent resistances to oxidation, ozone, UV exposure, weather, fungus, and mold. While also boasting some chemical resistances, Nitrile is much less universally resistant than its Viton counterpart suffering degradation from weather and ozone exposure. For most circumstances, however, this is not an issue, and Nitrile seals also offer the benefit of superior abrasion and tear resistance making them more suitable for more heavy duty industrial applications.

Both of these sealing options offer an extensive list of diverse applications, and they both serve as excellent general purpose seals. Nevertheless, to optimize your choice in seals be sure to consider the advantages and disadvantages of these two exceptional seals.



Throttle spindle shaft seals for Lucas/CAV diesel pumps. Fits DPA, DPC and DPS pumps. These also fit the fuel shut-off shaft on DPA and DPC pumps (sold in pairs)

These O rings often perish and wear with age, symptoms of seal failure include poor starting (often requiring hand priming – particularly in cold weather), a reduction in fuel economy, visible diesel leakage around the throttle shaft. Fortunately, they can be replaced without removing the pump from the engine. We can supply both NBR and Viton O rings

If you require the throttle shaft itself, or the top gasket, these are also available separately and as a kit.

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3432F010 3432F020 3432F030 3432F040 3432F050 3432F100 3432F110 3432F120 3432F130 3432F140 3432F150A 3432F150E 3432F160A 3432F160E 3432F170A 3432F170E 3432F180E 3432F190 3432F190E 3432F200 3432F210 3432F230 3432F231 3432F240 3432F241 3432F260 3432F290 3432F291 3249F850 3432F300 3432F310 3432F320 3432F330 3432F340 3432F350 3432F360 3432F410 3432F420 3432F421 3432F422 3432F430 3432F440 3432F460 3432F470 3432F480 3432F490 3432F500 3432F510 3432F520 3432F530 3432F540 3432F550 3432F560 3432F570 3432F580 3432F590 3432F600 3432F620 3432F630 3432F640 3432F650 3432F660 3432F670 3432F671 3432F672 3432F680 3432F690 3432F700 3432F710 3432F720 3432F730 3432F740 3432F750 3432F760 3432F780 3432F790 3432F800 3432F810 3432F820 3432F830 3432F840 3432F850 3432F860 3432F870 3432F880 3432F890 3432F900 3432F910 3432F920 3432F930 3432F940 3432F950 3432F960 3432F970 3432F980 3432F990 3433F010 3433F020 3439F010 3439F020 3439F030 3439F040 3439F050 3440F030 3440F040 3440F050 3440F060 3440F080 3440F100 3440F120 3440F130 3442400A 3442400E 3442410A 3442410E 3442420A 3442420E 3442572A 3442860A 3442870A 3442950A 3442951A 3442F010 3442F020 3442F030 3442F040 3442F050 3442F060 3442F070 3442F080 3442F081 3442F082 3442F083 3442F084 3442F085 3442F100 3442F101 3442F110 3442F120 3442F121 3442F122 3442F140 3442F141 3442F150 3442F151 3442F160 3442F161 3442F162 3442F170 3442F171 3442F172 3442F173 3442F180 3442F200 3442F210 3442F230 3442F250 3442F251 3442F260 3442F270 3442F280 3442F290 3442F300 3442F301 3442F310 3442F320 3442F340 3442F370 3442F380 3442F400A 3442F400E 3442F410A 3442F410E 3442F420A 3442F420E 3442F430 3442F431 3442F433 3442F440 3442F450 3442F480 3442F490 3442F491 3442F500 3442F510 3442F520 3442F530 3442F540 3442F541 3442F560 3442F570 3442F571 3442F572 3442F572A 3442F600 3442F610 3442F620 3442F630 3442F632 3442F640 3442F642 3442F670 3442F680 3442F689 3442F690 3442F700 3442F702 3442F710 3442F712 3442F720 3442F722 3442F730 3442F731 3442F732 3442F733 3442F734 3442F735 3442F743 3442F759 3442F760 3442F762 3442F770 3442F789 3442F799 3442F810 3442F820 3442F830 3442F840 3442f850 3442F860 3442F860A 3442F870 3442F870A 3442F871 3442F889 3442F893 3442F940 3442F941 3442F942 3442F943 3442F949 3442F950 3442F951 3442F952 3442F959 3442F970 3442F970A 3442F980 3442F981 3442F982 3442F990 3443221A 3443222A 3443322A 3443380A 3443390A 3443430B 3443460A 3443720A 3443720B 3443F030 3443F040 3443F041 3443F050 3443F070 3443F071 3443F090 3443F100 3443F101 3443F102 3443F110 3443F111 3443F120 3443F121 3443F130 3443F140 3443F140A 3443F150 3443F150A 3443F160 3443F160A 3443F170 3443F180 3443F190 3443F200 3443F210 3443F221 3443F2218 3443F221A 3443F222 3443F222A 3443F270 3443F280 3443F290 3443F300 3443F310 3443F320 3443F321 3443F322 3443F322A 3443F330 3443F340 3443F350 3443F380 3443F380A 3443F390 3443F391 3443F400 3443F401 3443F402 3443F412 3443F430 3443F430B 3443F431 3443F432 3443F433 3443F450 3443F460 3443F462 3443F470 3443F471 3443F480 3443F481 3443F490 3443F491 3443F492 3443F500 3443F503 3443F510 3443F520 3443F530 3443F531 3443F540 3443F541 3443F542 3443F543 3443F544 3443F545 3443F550 3443F551 3443F552 3443F560 3443F569 3443F570 3443F580 3443F588 3443F600 3443F601 3443F610 3443F611 3443F611C 3443F614 3443F620 3443F621 3443F630 3443F640 3443F650 3443F660 3443F661 3443F662 3443F665 3443F669 3443F680 3443F690 3443F700 3443F710 3443F720 3443F730 3443F731 3443F732 3443F740 3443F741 3443F750 3443F751 3443F760 3443F761 3443F761A 3443F770 3443F771 3443F772 3443F772A 3443F773 3443F774 3443F780 3443F780A 3443F781 3443F781A 3443F783 3443F784 3443F784A 3443F785 3443F786 3443F787 3443F790 3443F790A 3443F790B 3443F791 3443F792 3443F792A 3443F793 3443F794 3443F795 3443F797 3443F798 3443F799 3443F800 3443F810 3443F810A 3443F811 3443F811A 3443F818 3443F819 3443F820 3443F821 3443F824 3443F825 3443F826 3443F827 3443F828 3443F890 3443F891 3443F892 3443F893 3443F900 3443F901 3443F910 3443F940 3443F941 3443F942 3443F943 3443F944 3443F945 3443F950 3443F960 3443F970 3443F980 3443F990 3448F010 3448F020 3448F030 3448F031 3448F032 3448F040 3448F050 3448F070 3448F080 3448F090 3448F100 3448F110 3448F140 3448F160 3448F170 3448F172 3448F180 3448F181 3448F183 3448F184 3448F190 3448F210 3448F220 3448F230 3448F240 3448F241 3448F250 3448F251 3448F260 3448F270 3448F280 3448F290 3448F291 3448F310 3448F320 3448F321 3448F330 3448F340 3448F350 3448F360 3448F361 3448F370 3448F371 3448F380 3448F390 3449F010 3449F010 3449F012 3449F020 3449F030 3449F040 3449F050 3449F060 3449F070 3460F010 3460F020 3460F030 3460F040 3462031Z 3462041Z 3462120B 3462F010 3462F011 3462F020 3462F030 3462F031Z 3462F040 3462F041Z 3462F050 3462F051 3462F052 3462F053 3462F060 3462F061 3462F080 3462F090 3462F091 3462F092 3462F093 3462F100 3462F103 3462F120 3462F120B 3462F140 3462F170 3462F190 3462F192 3462F220 3462F221 3462F240 3462F260 3462F270 3462F280 3462F300 3462F310 3462F311 3462F312 3462F320 3462F330 3462F340 3462F350 3462F360 3462F370 3462F380 3462F390 3462F400 3462F410 3462F420 3462F430 3462F440 3462F450 3462F460 3462F470 3462F480 3462F490 3462F500 3462F501 3462F501-MODY 3462F510 3462F520 3462F530 3462F540 3462F550 3462F560 3462F570 3462F580 3462F581 3462F590 3462F610 3462F620 3462F630 3462F640 3462F650 3462F660 3462F670 3462F680 3462F690 3462F710 3462F720 3462F730 3462F740 3462F741 3462F741A 3462F742 3462F750 3462F751 3462F752 3462F770 3462F780 3462F810 3462F820 3462F830 3462F840 3462F850 3462F860 3462F870 3462F880 3462F890 3462F900 3462F910 3462F920 3462F930 3462F940 3462F950 3462F960 3462F970 3462F980 3462F990 3469F010 3469F020 3469F030 3469F031 3469F032 3469F040 3469F041 3469F042 3469F050 3469F060 3492F293 3492F294 3522F010 3522F020 3522F030 3530F010 3530F020 3530F030 3530F040 3532F030 3532F040 3532F050 3532F060 3532F070 3532F071 3532F080 3532F090 3532F100 3532F110 3532F130 3532F140 3532F150 3532F160 3540F010 3540F020 3540F030 3541 F020 3541F010 3542F010 3542F020 3542F021 3542F030 3542F040 3542F050 3542F051 3542F053 3542F060 3542F070 3542F080 3542F090 3542F091 3542F092 3542F093 3542F100 3542F110 3542F120 3542F130 3542F140 3542F150 3542F160 3542F170 3542F180 3542F190 3542F191 3542F250 3542F300 3542F310 3542F330 3542F340 3542F350 3542F360 3542F370 3542F380 3542F420 3542F430 3542F440 3542F450 3542F451 3542F460 3542F471 3542F480 3542F481 3542F483 3542F490 3542F500 3542F520 3542F521 3542F530 3542F540 3542F550 3542F560 3542F580 3542F590 3542F591 3542F600 3542F610 3542F611 3542F613 3542F620 3542F630 3542F640 3542F660 3542F700 3542F740 3542F760 3542F770 3542F780 3542F790 3542F820 3542F833 3542F834 3542F835 3542F840 3542F841 3542F842 3542F860 3542F870 3542F880 3542F890 3542F900 3542F901 3542F910 3542F920 3542F930 3542F950 3542F960 3542F970 3542F980 3542F991 3542F992 3543F000 3543F020 3543F070 3543F080 3543F090 3543F100 3560F010 3560F020 3562F010 3562F030 3562F050 3562F060 3562F080 3562F090 3562F091 3562F092 3562F100 3562F140 3562F150 3562F160 3562F170 3562F180 3562F181 3562F210 3562F220 3562F230 3562F240 3562F250 3562F270 3562F280 3562F290 3562F291 3562F310 3562F320 3562F330 3562F331 3562F333 3562F334 3562F340 3562F350 3562F360 3562F361 3562F370 3562F380 3562F390 3562F400 3562F430 3562F440 3562F450 3562F460 3562F500 3562F520 3562F530 3562F540 3562F550 3562F650 3562F651 3562F680 3562F690 3562F700 3562F710 3562F740 3562F750 3562F760 3562F770 3632F080 3632F090 3632F110 3632F120 3632F140 3632F171 3632F190 3632F200 3632F210 3632F220 3632F270W 3640F310 3640F311 3640F350 3640F360 3640F380W 3640F390W 3640F400T 3640F410T 3640F420T 3642F090 3642F101 3642F110 3642F120 3642F132 3642F133 3642F140 3642F161 3642F200 3642F230 3642F250 3642F290 3642F291 3642F300 3642F320 3642F330 3642F331 3642F332 3642F340 3642F341 3642F342 3642F350 3642F351 3642F360 3642F370 3642F380 3642F390 3642F410 3642F450 3642F510 3642F520 3642F560 3642F580 3642F590 3642F591 3642F600 3642F610 3642F620 3642F640 3642F660 3642F680 3642F710W 3642F720W 3642F740W 3662F110 3662F120 3662F121 3662F122 3662F151 3662F152 3662F240 3662F250 3662F251 3662F252 3662F253 3662F254 3662F330 3662F750 3662F760 3662F770 3742F100 3742F101 3822F010 3822F011 3822F020 3832F030 3832F050 3832F051 3842F030 3842F050 3842F060 3842F061 3842F110 3842F210 3862F010 3862F011 3862F020 3862F030 3862F050 3942F081 3942F150 3942F151 3942F170 3942F171 3942F240 3942F241 3942F242 3942F250 3942F251 3942F252 3942F290 3942F291 3942F292 3962F030 3962F031 3962F033 4328F421 C3230F030 C3230F070 C3230F140 C3230F270 C3230F280 C3230F290 C3230F350 C3233F260 C3233F261 C3240F578 C3240F668 C3241F072 C3241F100 C3241F101 C3241F102 C3241F350 C3243F021 C3243F370 C3243F810 C3243F830 C3248F090 C3248F370 C3248F390 C3248F420 C3248F440 C3248F441 C3248F760 C3248F850 C3248F880 C3249F000 C3249F030 C3249F520 C3249F531 C3249F680 C3249F750 C3260F218 C3260F228 C3262F868 C3262F888 C3268F440 C3268F760 C3269F150 C3269F570 C3269F910 C3269F950 C3269F960 C3362F010 C3362F050 C3432F230 C3432F480 C3432F530 C3432F690 C3432F700 C3432F710 C3432F720 C3432F730 C3432F790 C3432F810 C3432F830 C3442F510 C3442F943 C3443F140 C3443F150 C3443F433 C3443F630 C3443F640 C3443F669 C3443F680 C3443F751 C3443F761 C3443F774 C3443F786 C3443F795 C3443F828 C3443F910 C3443F945 C3443F950 C3443F970 C3443F980 C3448F040 C3448F172 C3448F184 C3448F220 C3448F241 C3448F291 C3448F330 C3448F340 C3448F350 C3448F360 C3448F370 C3448F371 C3462F190 C3462F240 C3462F340 C3462F400 C3462F501 C3462F510 C3462F630 C3462F650 C3462F690 C3462F730 C3462F900 C3542F831/A M3832F050 M3842F010 M3842F011 M3842F060 R3230050 R3230070 R3230200 R3230220 R3230F050 R3230F070 R3230F200 R3230F220 R3232208 R3232F918XA R3233F520 R3233F530 R3240208 R3240388 R3240448 R3240608 R3240628 R3240648 R3240668 R3240698 R3240838 R3240958 R3240968 R3240F388 R3240F608 R3240F628 R3240F648 R3240F668 R3240F698 R3240F728 R3240F838 R3240F958 R3240F968 R3241 040 R3241 050 R3241 070 R3241 090 R3241 F040 R3241 F050 R3241 F070 R3241 F090 R3241 F110 R3241 F111 R3241100 R3241110 R3241190 R3241260 R3241F100 R3241F101 R3241F190 R3241F260 R3242928 R3243160 R3243F160 R3248200 R3248370 R3248390 R3248440 R3248830 R3248850 R3248F190 R3248F200 R3248F350 R3248F370 R3248F390 R3248F430 R3248F440 R3248F830 R3248F850 R3430100 R3430F060 R3430F181 R3432F120 R3432F241 R3432F290 R3432F420 R3432F430 R3432F480 R3432F500 R3432F580 R3432F671 R3432F672 R3432F730 R3432F790 R3432F800 R3432F810 R3432F820 R3432F830 R3432F900 R3432F920 R3432F930 R3432F950 R3432F960 R3432F970 R3432F980 R3432F990 R3433F010 R3433F020 R3439F010 R3439F020 R3439F030 R3439F040 R3439F050 R3440F090 R3442970-MODA R3442F170 R3442F770 R3442F810 R3442F970-MODA R3442F990 R3443140-MODA R3443150-MODA R3443160-MODA R3443170-MODA R3443180-MODA R3443190-MODA R3443740-MODA R3443740-MODB R3443F102 R3443F111 R3443F531 R3443F570 R3443F640 R3443F740-MODA R3443F740-MODB R3443F741-MODB R3443F892 R3443F910 R3443F950 R3443F970 R3443F980 R3448F032 R3448F040 R3448F160 R3448F210 R3448F220 R3448F230 R3448F260 R3448F280 R3448F310 R3448F320 R3448F380 R3448F390 R3449F020 R3449F030 R3449F040 R3449F050 R3449F060 R3449F070 R3462051 R3462F280 R3462F312 R3462F350 R3462F350 R3462F630 R3462F640 R3462F690 R3462F742 R3462F752 R3462F840 R3462F920 R3462F940 R3462F970 R3462F980 R3462F990 R3469F010 R3469F020 R3469F031 R3469F032 R3469F041 R3469F042 R3469F050 R3469F060 V3232F628 V3232F828 V3248F441 V3248F450 V3248F451 V3248F570 V3248F850 V3249F532 V3249F870 V3262F888 V3268F010 V3269F160 V3343F520 V3642F450

Fits the following DPS pumps:

8520A020A , 8520A021A , 8520A023A , 8520A024A , 8520A030A , 8520A031A , 8520A060A , 8520A061A , 8520A080A , 8520A081A , 8520A082A , 8520A083A , 8520A084A , 8520A085A , 8520A120A , 8520A121A , 8520A122A , 8520A123A , 8520A124A , 8520A130A , 8520A131A , 8520A150A , 8520A160A , 8520A220A , 8520A230A , 8520A260A , 8520A290A , 8520A291A , 8520A300A , 8520A301A , 8520A302A , 8520A303A , 8520A310A , 8520A370A , 8520A371A , 8520A480A , 8520A481A , 8520A482A , 8520A490A , 8520A491A , 8520A500A , 8520A501A , 8523A320A , 8523A321A , 8523A322A , 8523A330A , 8523A340A , 8523A341A , 8523A342A , 8550A000A , 8550A001A , 8550A002A , 8550A003A , 8550A010A , 8550A012A , 8550A013A , 8550A014A , 8550A015A , 8550A016A , 8550A020A , 8550A021A , 8550A030A , 8550A031A , 8550A050A , 8550A051A , 8550A052A , 8550A053A , 8550A054A , 8550A055A , 8550A056A , 8550A057A , 8550A061A , 8550A062A , 8550A063A , 8550A070A , 8550A071A , 8550A072A , 8550A073A , 8550A074A , 8550A075A , 8550A080A , 8550A081A , 8550A082A , 8550A083A , 8550A084A , 8550A085A , 8550A100A , 8550A101A , 8550A150A , 8550A151A , 8550A154A , 8550A155A , 8550A156A , 8550A157A , 8550A160A , 8550A190A , 8550A200A , 8550A201A , 8550A202A , 8550A203A , 8550A220A , 8550A221A , 8550A222A , 8550A223A , 8550A224A , 8550A230A , 8550A232A , 8550A233A , 8550A240A , 8550A251A , 8550A252A , 8550A253A , 8550A271A , 8550A281A , 8550A282A , 8550A290A , 8550A291A , 8550A292A , 8550A300A , 8550A301A , 8550A330A , 8550A339A , 8550A340A , 8550A348A , 8550A349A , 8550A361A , 8550A370A , 8550A371A , 8550A380A , 8550A390A , 8550A400A , 8550A410A , 8550A420A , 8550A440A , 8550A470A , 8550A490A , 8550A499A , 8550A500A , 8550A509A , 8550A510A , 8550A520A , 8550A530A , 8550A550A , 8550A560A , 8550A592A , 8550A593A , 8550A610A , 8551A021A , 8551A022A , 8551A023A , 8551A024A , 8551A025A , 8551A030A , 8551A090A , 8551A100A, 8520A013A 8520A090A 8520A100A 8520A140A 8520A170A 8520A180A 8520A181A 8520A182A 8520A190A 8520A200A 8520A210A 8520A240A 8520A241A 8520A242A 8520A280A 8520A320A 8520A321A 8520A330A 8520A350A 8520A380A 8520A390A 8520A400A 8520A410A 8520A420A 8520A430A 8520A460A 8520A510A 8520A520A 8520A530A 8520A540A 8520A550A 8520A560A 8520A570A 8520A580A 8520A590A 8520A600A 8520A610A 8520A620A 8520A630A 8520A640A 8520A650A 8520A660A 8520A670A 8520A680A 8520A690A 8520A700A 8520A710A 8520A711A 8520A712A 8520A713A 8520A714A 8520A720A 8520A721A 8520A730A 8520A731A 8520A740A 8520A741A 8520A742A 8520A750A 8520A751A 8520A760A 8520A761A 8520A763A 8520A770A 8520A771A 8520A780A 8520A781A 8520A782A 8520A783A 8520A790A 8520A791A 8520A792A 8520A793A 8520A800A 8520A801A 8520A802A 8520A803A 8520A810A 8520A811A 8520A812A 8520A813A 8520A820A 8520A821A 8520A822A 8520A830A 8520A831A 8520A840A 8520A841A 8520A842A 8520A843A 8520A844A 8520A845A 8520A850A 8520A851A 8520A852A 8520A853A 8520A854A 8520A860A 8520A861A 8520A862A 8520A880A 8520A890A 8520A891A 8520A892A 8520A900A 8520A901A 8520A920A 8520A921A 8520A922A 8520A923A 8520A924A 8520A930A 8520A931A 8520A932A 8520A933A 8520A940A 8520A941A 8520A942A 8520A943A 8520A950A 8520A951A 8520A952A 8520A960A 8520A961A 8520A962A 8520A963A 8520A964A 8520A964G 8520A965G 8520A970A 8520A971A 8520A972G 8520A973G 8520A980A 8520A990A 8520A991T 8521A000A 8521A030A 8521A040A 8521A050A 8521A060A 8521A070A 8521A080A 8521A081A 8521A082A 8521A090A 8521A091A 8521A092A 8521A100A 8521A101A 8521A102A 8521A110A 8521A111A 8521A112A 8521A113A 8521A120A 8521A130A 8521A131A 8521A132A 8521A133A 8521A140A 8521A141A 8521A142A 8521A143A 8521A144A 8521A145A 8521A150A 8521A151A 8521A152A 8521A153A 8521A154A 8521A160A 8521A170A 8521A180A 8521A181A 8521A182A 8521A183A 8521A184A 8521A185A 8521A190A 8521A191A 8521A192A 8521A193A 8521A194A 8521A200A 8521A201A 8521A202A 8521A210A 8521A211A 8521A212A 8521A220A 8521A221A 8521A222A 8521A223A 8521A230A 8521A231A 8521A232A 8521A240A 8521A241A 8521A242A 8521A243A 8521A250A 8521A251A 8521A252A 8521A253A 8521A260A 8521A261A 8521A262A 8521A263A 8521A264A 8521A265A 8521A270A 8521A271A 8521A272A 8521A273A 8521A280A 8521A281A 8521A282A 8521A283A 8521A300A 8521A301A 8521A302A 8521A303A 8521A304A 8521A310A 8521A311A 8521A312A 8521A320A 8521A321A 8521A322A 8521A323A 8521A330A 8521A331A 8521A332A 8521A333A 8521A340A 8521A341A 8521A342A 8521A343A 8521A360A 8521A361A 8521A362A 8521A370A 8521A371A 8521A372A 8521A373A 8521A374A 8521A380A 8521A381A 8521A382A 8521A383A 8521A390A 8521A391A 8521A392A 8521A393A 8521A394A 8521A400A 8521A401A 8521A402A 8521A410A 8521A411A 8521A420A 8521A421A 8521A422A 8521A423A 8521A430A 8521A431A 8521A432A 8521A440A 8521A441A 8521A442A 8521A450A 8521A451A 8521A451P 8521A451T 8521A452G 8521A452H 8521A460A 8521A461A 8521A470A 8521A471A 8521A472A 8521A473A 8521A480A 8521A481A 8521A490A 8521A500A 8521A510A 8521A511A 8521A512A 8521A513G 8521A520A 8521A521A 8521A522G 8521A530A 8521A531A 8521A532A 8521A533A 8521A534A 8521A535A 8521A536A 8521A540A 8521A541A 8521A542A 8521A542G 8521A550A 8521A560A 8521A561A 8521A562A 8521A562G 8521A570A 8521A571A 8521A572A 8521A573A 8521A580A 8521A581A 8521A582G 8521A590A 8521A600A 8521A610A 8521A620A 8521A621A 8521A622A 8521A623A 8521A624A 8521A624G 8521A640A 8521A641A 8521A642A 8521A643G 8521A650A 8521A660A 8521A660R 8521A660X 8521A661R 8521A661X 8521A662K 8521A662R 8521A662W 8521A662X 8521A663W 8521A670A 8521A680A 8521A681A 8521A690A 8521A691A 8521A700A 8521A701A 8521A710A 8521A711A 8521A720A 8521A730A 8521A731A 8521A732H 8521A740A 8521A741A 8521A750A 8521A751A 8521A760A 8521A761A 8521A762A 8521A770A 8521A771A 8521A772A 8521A780A 8521A781A 8521A782A 8521A783G 8521A790A 8521A791A 8521A800A 8521A801A 8521A802A 8521A810A 8521A811A 8521A812A 8521A812P 8521A812T 8521A813P 8521A813T 8521A814G 8521A814P 8521A814T 8521A820A 8521A821A 8521A822A 8521A823G 8521A830A 8521A840A 8521A841A 8521A860A 8521A861A 8521A870A 8521A871A 8521A880A 8521A881A 8521A890A 8521A900A 8521A901A 8521A910A 8521A911A 8521A930A 8521A931A 8521A932A 8521A933A 8521A934A 8521A935A 8521A936A 8521A940A 8521A941A 8521A980A 8521A981A 8521A990A 8522A000A 8522A010A 8522A020A 8522A030A 8522A040A 8522A050A 8522A060A 8522A070A 8522A080A 8522A090A 8522A091A 8522A092A 8522A093A 8522A094A 8522A100A 8522A110A 8522A120A 8522A121A 8522A130A 8522A131A 8522A140A 8522A141A 8522A142A 8522A150A 8522A151A 8522A152A 8522A160A 8522A161A 8522A162A 8522A163A 8522A170A 8522A171A 8522A172A 8523A000A 8523A010A 8523A020A 8523A030A 8523A040A 8523A050A 8523A060A 8523A070A 8523A071A 8523A080A 8523A090A 8523A091A 8523A100A 8523A110A 8523A120A 8523A121A 8523A130A 8523A140A 8523A141A 8523A142A 8523A143A 8523A143G 8523A144G 8523A150A 8523A151A 8523A160A 8523A161A 8523A162A 8523A170A 8523A171A 8523A172A 8523A174H 8523A180A 8523A181A 8523A181P 8523A181T 8523A182G 8523A182T 8523A183G 8523A190A 8523A191A 8523A200A 8523A230A 8523A231A 8523A240A 8523A241A 8523A250A 8523A260A 8523A261A 8523A270A 8523A271A 8523A280A 8523A281A 8523A290A 8523A291A 8523A310A 8523A350A 8523A351A 8523A360A 8523A361A 8523A362H 8523A363H 8523A370A 8523A380A 8523A390A 8523A400A 8523A410A 8523A460A 8523A461A 8523A462A 8523A463A 8523A464A 8523A470X 8523A470Y 8523A471X 8523A471Y 8523A472X 8523A472Y 8523A473X 8523A473Y 8523A490X 8523A490Y 8523A491X 8523A491Y 8523A492X 8523A492Y 8523A493X 8523A493Y 8523A510X 8523A510Y 8523A511X 8523A511Y 8523A512X 8523A512Y 8523A513X 8523A513Y 8523A530P 8523A530T 8523A531P 8523A531T 8523A532G 8523A532H 8523A532P 8523A533G 8523A533H 8523A550Y 8523A560P 8523A561P 8523A562H 8523A562P 8523A563H 8523A590T 8523A591T 8523A592T 8523A593G 8523A593T 8523A594G 8523A600X 8523A610R 8523A611R 8523A612R 8523A613K 8523A613R 8523A614K 8523A620R 8523A621R 8523A622R 8523A623K 8523A623R 8523A624K 8523A630X 8523A630Y 8523A631W 8523A631X 8523A631Y 8523A632W 8523A632Y 8523A640X 8523A640Y 8523A641W 8523A641X 8523A641Y 8523A642W 8523A642Y 8523A650X 8523A650Y 8523A651W 8523A651X 8523A651Y 8523A652W 8523A652Y 8523A680X 8523A682W 8523A700X 8523A701W 8523A701X 8523A702W 8523A710X 8523A720X 8523A730X 8523A731X 8523A732X 8523A733W 8523A734W 8523A750W 8523A770W 8523A771W 8523A772W 8523A780W 8523A780Y 8523A781W 8523A781Y 8523A782W 8523A790W 8523A790Y 8523A791W 8523A791Y 8523A792Y 8523A800W 8523A800Y 8523A801W 8523A801Y 8523A802W 8523A802Y 8523A803Y 8523A810W 8523A810Y 8523A811Y 8523A812Y 8523A820W 8523A830W 8523A831W 8523A840W 8523A840Y 8523A841W 8523A842W 8523A851Y 8523A860Y 8523A870W 8523A880W 8523A881W 8523A882W 8523A883W 8523A890Y 8523A891Y 8523A892Y 8523A920T 8523A921G 8523A922G 8524A000A 8524A001A 8524A010A 8524A011A 8524A012A 8524A020A 8524A030A 8524A040A 8524A041A 8524A041T 8524A042P 8524A042T 8524A043T 8524A044G 8524A044P 8524A044T 8524A060A 8524A061A 8524A062A 8524A062P 8524A062T 8524A063H 8524A063T 8524A070A 8524A071A 8524A072H 8524A120A 8524A121A 8524A130A 8524A131A 8524A132A 8524A140A 8524A141A 8524A142A 8524A143A 8524A150A 8524A151A 8524A160A 8524A180X 8524A181X 8524A181Y 8524A182X 8524A182Y 8524A190X 8524A191X 8524A192X 8524A200X 8524A201X 8524A202X 8524A210X 8524A211X 8524A220X 8524A230X 8524A231X 8524A240X 8524A241X 8524A242W 8524A243W 8524A250X 8524A251X 8524A252W 8524A261P 8524A261T 8524A262G 8524A262H 8524A262P 8524A270X 8524A271X 8524A272X 8524A273W 8524A280X 8524A281X 8524A282X 8524A283X 8524A285W 8524A300X 8524A300Y 8524A301W 8524A301X 8524A301Y 8524A310X 8524A311W 8524A311X 8524A320X 8524A321W 8524A321X 8524A330W 8524A360W 8524A361W 8524A371K 8524A380P 8524A380T 8524A381G 8524A381T 8524A390W 8524A391W 8524A392W 8524A400W 8524A410T 8524A411G 8524A420T 8524A430W 8524A431W 8524A440T 8524A441G 8560A000A 8561A010W 8561A020G 8561A020T

Fits the following DPC pumps:

8413B010A 8413B020A 8413B050A 8413B051B 8413B070A 8413B080A 8413B090A 8413B100A 8413B170A 8413B171A 8413B172A 8413B180A 8413B181A 8413B182A 8413B210A 8413B211A 8413B212A 8413B220A 8413B221A 8413B222A 8413B410A 8413B411A 8413B421A 8413B430A 8413B431A 8413B441A 8413B710A 8413B720A 8413B730A 8413B740A 8413B790A 8413B800A 8413B810A 8413B820A 8443010A 8443020A 8443040A 8443060A 8443060B 8443061A 8443061B 8443062A 8443062B 8443070A 8443080A 8443081A 8443090A 8443091A 8443092A 8443093A 8443100A 8443120A 8443121B 8443130A 8443131A 8443132B 8443138A 8443139A 8443140A 8443141A 8443142B 8443148A 8443149A 8443150A 8443152A 8443153B 8443159A 8443160A 8443161A 8443170A 8443171B 8443172C 8443180A 8443181B 8443190A 8443191A 8443192B 8443210A 8443220A 8443221A 8443240A 8443241A 8443250A 8443251B 8443260A 8443261B 8443261C 8443261D 8443261E 8443270A 8443280A 8443290A 8443291B 8443292B 8443A121B 8443A122B 8443A132B 8443A142B 8443A153B 8443A154B 8443A155B 8443A172C 8443A173C 8443A181B 8443A182B 8443A192B 8443A210A 8443A241A 8443A251B 8443A252C 8443A253C 8443A261D 8443A261E 8443A262D 8443A262E 8443A270A 8443A271A 8443A280A 8443A281A 8443A291B 8443A320A 8443A321A 8443A340A 8443A341A 8443A350A 8443A350B 8443A370A 8443A371A 8443A373B 8443A374B 8443A390A 8443A390B 8443A391A 8443A400A 8443A401B 8443A410A 8443A490A 8443A500A 8443A510A 8443B111A 8443B123B 8443B124B 8443B125B 8443B133B 8443B143B 8443B144B 8443B145B 8443B156B 8443B174C 8443B183B 8443B184B 8443B193C 8443B254C 8443B255D 8443B256E 8443B257F 8443B263D 8443B263E 8443B264F 8443B264G 8443B273B 8443B283B 8443B342A 8443B343B 8443B351A 8443B351B 8443B352C 8443B352D 8443B353E 8443B353F 8443B354E 8443B354F 8443B355E 8443B355F 8443B361B 8443B362B 8443B363B 8443B372A 8443B375B 8443B376C 8443B377C 8443B380A 8443B381B 8443B382B 8443B383B 8443B392A 8443B393C 8443B393D 8443B402B 8443B403C 8443B411A 8443B412A 8443B413A 8443B421B 8443B422C 8443B423D 8443B424E 8443B425E 8443B431B 8443B431C 8443B432D 8443B433D 8443B442C 8443B442D 8443B443E 8443B444F 8443B445F 8443B451B 8443B451B-MODA 8443B452C 8443B453D 8443B454D 8443B455D 8443B456D 8443B460A 8443B461B 8443B461C 8443B471B 8443B471C 8443B471D 8443B501B 8443B502C 8443B511B 8443B521B 8443B532B 8443B533C 8443B551B 8443B552C 8443B553D 8443B554D 8443B554E 8443B555E 8443B570A 8443B571B 8443B572B 8443B572C 8443B572D 8443B572E 8443B573E 8443B600A 8443B601B 8443B620A 8443B621A 8443B630A 8443B640A 8443B690A 8443B690B 8443B692B 8443B700A 8443B701A 8443B701B 8443B710A 8443B721B 8443B721C 8443B722D 8443B730A 8443B731A 8443B732B 8443B733C 8443B734C 8443B735D 8443B736E 8443B738F 8443B740A 8443B741A 8443B742A 8443B743B 8443B744B 8443B745B 8443B747D 8443B748E 8443B749F 8443B750A 8443B760A 8443B771B 8443B772B 8443B783D 8443B783E 8443B792C 8443B793C 8443B794C 8443B795D 8443B796E 8443B810A 8443B810B 8443B811B 8443B830A 8443B840A 8443B850A 8443B850B 8443B850C 8443B860A 8443B861B 8443B861C 8443B871B 8443B871C 8443B880A 8443B881A 8443B891C 8443B891D 8443B910A 8443B930A 8443B931A 8443B932A 8443B933B 8443B934B 8443B940A 8443B941A 8443B950A 8443B951B 8443B952B 8443B953C 8443B954D 8443B955D 8443B958E 8443B960A 8443B961A 8443B962A 8443B970A 8443B971B 8443B972C 8443B980A 8443B981B 8443B992B 8443B994C 8443B995D 8443B996E 8444B020A 8444B021A 8444B030A 8444B040A 8444B041A 8444B060B 8444B060C 8444B061D 8444B070B 8444B070C 8444B071D 8444B072E 8444B073F 8444B080B 8444B080C 8444B081D 8444B082E 8444B083E 8444B083F 8444B084G 8444B140A 8444B141B 8444B180A 8444B201B 8444B202B 8444B202C 8444B210A 8444B210B 8444B211B 8444B230A 8444B231B 8444B250A 8444B251A 8444B281B 8444B282C 8444B283C 8444B284C 8444B285C 8444B292C 8444B293C 8444B294C 8444B295C 8444B300A 8444B300B 8444B300C 8444B301C 8444B310A 8444B310B 8444B310D 8444B311C 8444B320A 8444B340A 8444B350A 8444B351B 8444B360A 8444B370A 8444B400A 8444B401A 8444B402B 8444B403A 8444B403B 8444B411B 8444B411C 8444B412D 8444B412E 8444B421B 8444B422B 8444B423B 8444B424C 8444B426C 8444B430A 8444B431A 8444B440A 8444B441A 8444B450A 8444B460A 8444B480A 8444B481A 8444B482A 8444B485C 8444B485D 8444B520A 8444B530A 8444B550A 8444B570A 8444B582B 8444B583C 8444B584C 8444B772B 8444B773C 8444B774C 8444B792C 8444B792D 8444B800A 8444B810A 8444B840A 8444B850A 8444B860A 8444B871B 8444B911A 8444B912B 8444B932C 8444B980A 8444B981A 8444B981B 8444B991A 8444B992B 8445B012B 8445B090A 8445B100A 8445B101B 8445B120A 8445B120B 8445B143D 8445B144E 8445B144F 8445B280A 8445B280B 8445B281B 8445B332B 8445B333C 8445B333D 8445B334E 8445B340A 8445B370A 8445B370C 8445B370D 8445B371E 8445B401B 8445B421A 8445B460A 8448B011B 8448B012B 8448B013B 8448B070A 8448B071B 8448B301A 8448B401B 8448B401C 8448B402C 8470B310A 8470B311A 8470B350A 8470B351A 8470B450A 8470B460A 8470B510A 8470B530A 8473B010A 8473B010B 8473B010C 8473B010D 8473B010E 8473B011A 8473B020A 8473B022A 8473B030A 8473B031A 8473B040A 8473B041A 8473B042A 8473B043A 8473B050A 8473B051A 8473B060A 8473B061B 8473B062C 8473B063C 8473B100A 8473B101B 8473B102B 8473B110A 8473B111A 8473B120A 8473B121B 8473B130A 8473B140A 8473B150A 8473B151A 8473B151B 8473B160A 8473B161A 8473B162A 8473B180A 8473B181A 8473B181B 8473B200A 8473B201A 8473B210A 8473B211A 8473B220A 8473B230A 8473B240A 8473B250A 8473B251A 8473B252A 8473B253A 8473B254A 8473B270A 8473B280A 8473B290A 8473B320A 8473B321A 8473B330A 8473B340A 8473B360A 8473B370A 8473B390A 8473B420A 8478B190A 8478B191A 8478B300A 8478B301A 8478B380A 8478B430A 8478B440A

Additional information

Seal Material

Nitile Buna (NBR), Viton