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CAV DPA cam ring 7123-308E


Cam ring fitted to some CAV DPA pumps 7123-308E


Cam ring fitted to some CAV DPA pumps 7123-308E

Eqiuvalent to: 7139-713E

Item 32 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

3241100, 3241101, 3241110, 3241111, 3241130, 3241F100, 3241F101, 3241F102, 3241F103, 3241F104, 3241F110, 3241F11l, 3241F130, 3241F131, 3241F320, 3241F420, 3241F460, 3241F461, 3241F462, 3241F470, 3241F471, 3241F510, 3241F511, 3241F512, 3241F540, 3241F541, 3241F560, 3241F561, 3241F910, 3241F911, 3241F920, 3241F930, 3242001, 3242071, 3242107, 3242108, 3242121, 3242221, 3242237, 3242243, 3242245, 3242246, 3242247, 3242263, 3242265, 3242266, 3242267, 3242617, 3242618, 3242627, 3242633, 3242635, 3242636, 3242637, 3242645, 3242646, 3242707, 3242777, 3242808, 3242858, 3242878, 3242618, 3242F618, 3243060, 3243110, 3243370, 3243380, 3243400, 3243790, 3243920, 3243F090, 3243F110, 3243F370, 3243F380, 3243F400, 3243F920, 3246977, 3246D977, 3246E977, 3246F977, 3247030C, 3247D030, 3247D050, 3247D070, 3247E030, 3247E031, 3247E050, 3247E070, 3247E071, 3247F031, 3247F071, 3248030, 3248040, 3248090, 3248130, 3248140, 3248370, 3248390, 3248410, 3248440, 3248450, 32485401 3248570, 3248580, 3248850, 3248F090, 3248F370, 3248F371, 3248F390, 3248F391, 3248F392, 3248F393, 3248F430, 3248F431, 3248F440, 3248F441, 3248F442, 3248F443, 3248F450, 3248F451, 3248F452, 3248F453, 3248F540, 3248F560, 3248F570, 3248F590, 3248F591, 3248F850, 3248F851, 3248F870, 3248150, 3248250, 3248260, 3248330, 3248360, 3249F150, 3249F250, 3249F260, 3249F261, 3249F330, 3249F331, 3249F360, 3249F430, 3249F480, 3249F700, 3249F810, 3249F820, 3249F821, 3249F890, 3249F930, 3249F940, 3266E479, 3340F150T, 3340F151T, 3340F152G, 3342F140, 3342F170, 3342F171, 3342F180, 3342F320, 3342F360, 3342F370, 3342F430, 3342F460, 3342F700, 3342F790, 3342F810, 3342F820, 3342F960, 3342F961, 3342F980, 3342F981, 3343F330, 3343F450, 3343F750, 3348F000, 3348F001, 3348F002, 3348F010, 3348F011, 3348F012, 3348F020, 3348F030, 3348F040, 3348F050, 3348F060, 3348F070, 3348F080, 3348F090, 3348F100, 3348F101, 3348F102, 3348F110, 3348F111, 3348F112, 3348F160, 3348F161, 3348F162, 3348F163, 3348F560, 3348F561, 3348F660, 3348F950T, 3348F951T, 3442030, 3442200, 3442210, 3442230, 3442270, 3442680, 3442F030, 3442F200, 3442F210, 3442F230, 3442F270, 3442F680, 3443110, 3443F110, 3443F111, 3541F010, 3542F060, 3542F080, 3542F250, 3542F420, 3542F450, 3542F451, 3542F530, 3542F740, 3542F770, 3542F820, 3542F860, 3542F950, 3542F960, 3542F980, 3543F100, 3546E090, 3546E091, 3642F250, 3642F510, 3642F520, 3642F521, C3241F100, C3241F101, C3241F102, C3243F370, C3247E030, C3247E031, C3248F090, C3248F370, C3248F390, C3248F440, C3248F441, C3248F760, C3248F850, R3241100, R3241110, R3241F100, R3241F101, R3241F110, R3241F111, R3248370, R3248850, R3248F370, R3248F850, R3443F111, V3241F102, V3248F441, V3248F450, V3248F451, V3248F570, V3248F850

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