CAV DPA cam ring 7123-309R


Cam ring fitted to some CAV DPA pumps


Cam ring fitted to some CAV DPA pumps 7123-309R

Please note: This is a special order and there is an approximately 4 day lead time for this part

Item 32 in the exploded diagram

Equivalent to:

PERKINS 26430306, PERKINS 26430316, VOLVO 6642484-7, International Harvester 895945H1

Fits the following pumps:

3233F590, 3233F591, 3260058, 3260078, 3260088, 3260088, 3260258, 3260268, 3260338, 3260F258, 3260F268, 3260F338, 3260F438, 3262718, 3262858, 3262868, 3262878, 3262888, 3262808, 3262828, 3262F718, 3262F858, 3262F868, 3262F878, 3262F879, 3262F888, 3262F889, 3262F898, 3262F908, 3262F928, 3283880, 3263F600, 3263F860, 3264D148, 3267F020, 3268110, 3268120, 3268F110, 3268F120, 3362F180, 3362F181, 3363F030, 3363F031, 3363F320, 3430020, 3430F020, 3432200, 3432F200, 3660F180, 3660F200, 3662F240, 3662F270, 3662F290, 3662F291, 3662F300, 3662F301, 3662F360, 3662F361, 3662F380, 3662F381, 3662F420, 8861A220W, 8862A050W, 8862A060W, C3282F888, C3282F888, V3262F888

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