CAV DPA cover plate fitted to Perkins engines


Please check the image is correct for your pump as there are variants to these depending on your application.


Cover plate fitted to Perkins engines on DPA pumps commonly fitted to Ford tractors with a valve inside

Note – this is made of steel, not aluminum

Item 97 in the exploded diagram

Equivalent to: FORD D4NN9G578A, E0NN9G508AA, E0NN9G578AA, 7180-57A, 7139-350, 7139-748A, 7167-312A, 7167-915A

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3233151, 3233171, 3233211, 3233290, 3233300, 3233320, 3233380, 3233390, 3233440, 3233F140, 3233F151, 3233F171, 3233F320, 3233F380, 3233F390, 3233F391, 3233F440, 3233F630, 3233F631, 3233F632, 3233F640, 3233F641, 3233F650, 3233F651, 3233F652, 3233F660, 3233F661, 3233F740, 3238F120, 3238F121, 3238F130, 3238F140, 3238F150, 3241250, 3249270, 3249380, 3249390, 3249400, 3249420, 3249F770, 3249F771, 3249F821, 3249F920, 3249F921, 3249F950, 3249F951, 3342F340, 3642F260, V3233F651

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