CAV DPA hydraulic head 7180-645L


Hydraulic head fitted to some CAV DPA pumps

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Hydraulic head and rotor fitted to some CAV DPA pumps

Rotor code: 344L

Head code: 652

Item 20 in the exploded diagram

Equivalent to: 7180-45L

Fits the following pumps:

3349F200X, 3349F201W, 3349F201X, 3349F202W] 3349F210X, 3349F211X, 3349F212X, 3349F213W, 3349F213X, 3349F214W, 3349F220X, 3349F221W, 3349F221X, 3349F222W] 3942F270, 3942F271, 3942F330, 3942F331, 3942F400, 3942F410, 3942F480, 3942F481, 3942F482, 3942F510, 3942F510, 3942F990N, 3942F99CK, 3942F991N, 3942F991X, 3942F992N, 3942F993N, 3942F993X, 3942F994N, 3943F030N, 3943F040N, 3943F041N, 3943F060N, 3943F070N, 3943F080N, 3943F081N, 3943F100N, 3943F121N, 3943F122N, 3943F130N, 3943F140N, 3943F190N, 3943F191N, 3943F200N, 3943F210N, 3943F270N, 3943F290N, 3943F310N, 3943F320N

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