CAV DPA hydraulically governed pump stop shaft seal


This is the stop shaft seal fitted to some CAV DPA pumps sold individually


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This the stop shaft seal fitted to some CAV DPA hydraulically governed pumps sold singly. Item 84 in the exploded diagram

These O rings often perish and wear with age, symptoms of seal failure include poor starting (often requiring hand priming – particularly in cold weather), a reduction in fuel economy, visible diesel leakage around the shaft. Fortunately, they can be replaced without removing the pump from the engine

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3244E010, 3246143В, 3246144В, 3246145В, 3246175В, 3246137, 3246214, 3246235В, 3246236В, 3246237, 3246243В, 3246266В, 3246283В, 3246285В, 3246336В, 3246346В, 3246376В, 3246336В, 3246426В, 3246436В, 3246446В, 3246436В, 3246506В, 3246556В, 3246557, 3246685В, 3246686В, 3246636В, 3246637, 3246706В, 3246726В, 3246727, 3246745В, 3246746В, 3246747, 3246765В, 3246776В, 3246786В, 3246807, 3246817, 3246837, 3246847, 3246857, 3246867, 3246877, 3246887, 3246883С, 3246836В, 3246307, 3246317, 3246327, 3246337, 32463З3С, 3246357, 3246353С, 3246367, 3246377, 3246387, 3246337, 3246D197, 3246D237, 3246D557, 3246D558, 3246D697, 3246D727, 3246D747, 3246D807 3246D837 3246D847 3246D857 3246D887 3246D907 3246D917 3246D927 3246D957 3246D967 3246D977 3246D987 3246D997 3246E197 3246E237 3246E557 3246E697 3246E727 3246E747 3246E807 3246E817 3246E837 3246E847 3246E857 3246E877 3246E887 3246E889 3246E907 3246E917 3246E927 3246E937 3246E939 3246E957 3246E959, 3246E967, 3246E977, 3246E987, 3246E997, 3246F199, 3246F237, 3246F556, 3246F557, 3246F558, 3246F697, 3246F706, 3246F727, 3246F747, 3246F756, 3246F776, 3246F786, 3246F807, 3246F837, 3246F847, 3246F857, 3246F889, 3246F907, 3246F917, 3246F927, 3246F957, 3246F967, 3246F977, 3246F987, 3246F997, 3247010, 3247020, 3247030C, 3247D010, 3247D030, 3247D040, 3247D050, 3247D060, 3247D070, 3247E010, 3247E030, 3247E031, 3247E040, 3247E050, 3247E060, 3247E070, 3247E071, 3247E080, 3247E090, 3247E100, 3247E101, 3247E110, 3247E120, 3247F010, 3247F031, 3247F040, 3247F060, 3247F071, 3247F080, 3247F090, 3247F100, 3247F101, 3247F110, 3247F120, 3247F131, 3247F150, 3247F151, 3247F160, 3247F161, 3247F162, 3247F170, 3247F180, 3247F181, 3247F130, 3247F200, 3247F210, 3247F220, 3247F221, 3247F230, 3247F240, 3247F250, 3247F260, 3247F261, 3247F270, 3247F271, 3247F272, 3247F280, 3247F290, 3247F300, 3247F301, 3247F310, 3247F311, 3247F320, 3247F321, 3247F340, 3247F350, 3247F371, 3247F410, 3247F411, 3247F412, 3264077, 3264107, 3264D077, 3264D107, 3264E077, 3264E107, 3264E137, 3264F107, 3266276, 3266317, 3266377, 3266437, 3266457, 3266459C, 3266467, 3266477, 3266479, 3266549C, 3266569C, 3266D589, 3266E276, 3266E317, 3266E377, 3266E437, 3266E457, 3266E459, 3266E467, 3266E477, 3266E479, 3266E549, 3266E569, 3266E589, 3266F317, 3266F459, 3266F479, 3266F549, 3266F569, 3266F589, 3266F709, 3266F739, 3267F000, 3267F010, 3267F012, 3267F030, 3546E010, 3546E030, 3546E031, 3546E032, 3546E033, 3546E034, 3546E040, 3546E050, 3546E060, 3546E080, 3546E090, 3546E091, 3546E100, 3546E101, 3546E130, 3546E131, 3546E150, 3546E151, 3546E152, 3546E160, 3546E161, 3546E162, 3546E163, 3546E164, 3546E171, 3546E180, 3546E181, 3546E182, 3546E130, 3546E132, 3566E020, 3566E030, C3246E637, C3246E857, C3246E307, C3246E327, C3246E937, C3246E997, C3247E030, C3247E031, C3247F412, C3264E077, C3264E107, G3247F412, I3247F412, R3246756B


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