CAV DPA main driveshaft oil seals for some twin seal uprated pumps


These are the main drive shaft oil seals fitted to certain CAV DPA pumps with twin seals


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These are the main drive shaft oil seals fitted to a few CAV DPA uprated pumps with  twin shaft seals

These are fitted and sold in pairs. These seals are 1.5″ outer diameter

If you need the standard pump shaft seal they are available HERE

Equivalent to: ABU1716

Fits DPA pumps:

3249F680, 3249F690, 3249F850, 3249F860, 3268F530, 3268F910, 3268F920, 3268F930, 3269F110, 3269F250, 3269F260, 3269F270, 3269F340, 3269F350, 3269F400, 32G9F410, 32G9F440, 3269F450, 3269F500, 3342F090, 3342F100, 3342F250, 3342F260, 3342F261, 3342F300, 3342F380, 3342F560, 3342F561, 3342F710, 3342F711, 3342F720, 3342F721, 3342F760, 3342F870, 3342F880, 3342F900, 3342F910, 3342F950, 3343F290, 3362F170, 3362F660, 3362F940, 3362F950, 3362F960, 33G2F970, 3363F160, 3363F300, 3363F310, C3249F680


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