CAV DPA transfer pressure piston and sleeve 7135-74Q


Transfer pressure piston and sleeve fitted to some CAV DPA pumps


Transfer pressure piston and sleeve fitted to some CAV DPA pumps

Item 190 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3230380, 3230F380, 3230F381, 3230F390, 3230F391, 3230F420, 3230F421, 3233520, 3233530, 3233F510, 3233F511, 3233F512, 3233F520, 3233F521, 3233F522, 3233F523, 3233F524, 3233F530, 3233F531, 3233F670, 3233F671, 3233F672, 3233F673, 3233F760, 3238F060, 3238F110, 3238F180, 3238F190, 3238F210, 3238F211, 3238F220, 3238F221, 3238F230, 3238F240, 3238F240G, 3238F241, 3238F241G, 3238F250, 3238F251, 3238F260, 3238F261, 3238F262, 3238F340, 3238F341, 3238F342, 3238F430, 3238F440, 3238F441, 3238F450, 3238F470, 3238F471, 3238F472, 3238F473, 3238F480, 3238F481, 3238F500, 3238F500G, 3238F510, 3238F520, 3238F540, 3238F550, 3238F560, 3238F570, 3238F580, 3238F590, 3238F600, 3238F790, 3238F791, 3238F800, 3238F801, 3238F810, 3238F811, 3238F820, 3238F830, 3238F831, 3238F840, 3238F850, 3239F280, 3239F310, 3238F320, 3239F321, 3239F330T, 3239F331T, 3239F340T, 3239F341T, 3239F360, 3241F440, 3241F441, 3241F450, 3241F451, 3241F460, 3241F461, 3241F462, 3241F590, 3241F591, 3241F640, 3241F641, 3247F200, 3247F220, 3247F221, 3247F230, 3247F240, 3247F280, 3247F290, 3248880A, 3248F880, 3282358, 3262368, 3262538, 3262618, 3262628, 3262638, 3262748, 3262888, 3262F358, 3262F368, 3262F538, 3263000, 3263010, 3263260, 3263320, 3263321, 3263340, 3263580, 3266F788, 3342F480, 3342F530, 3342F650, 3342F660, 3342F670, 3342F680, 3342F690, 3342F770, 3342F771, 3342F780, 3343F250, 3343F300, 3343F310, 3343F310P, 3343F31OT, 3343F311P, 3343F311T, 3343F340, 3343F341, 3343F350, 3343F360, 3343F361, 3343F370, 3343F371, 3343F380, 3343F550, 3343F551, 3343F570, 3343F571, 3343F630, 3343F631, 3343F640, 3343F650, 3343F660, 3343F670, 3343F680, 3343F690, 3343F700, 3343F710, 3343F770, 3343F771, 3343F810, 3343F840, 3343F850, 3343F980, 3343F990, 3348F000, 3348F001, 3348F002, 3348F010, 3348F011, 3348F012, 3348F020, 3348F030, 3348F040, 3348F050, 3348F060, 3348F070, 3348F080, 3348F090, 3348F100, 3348F101, 3348F102, 3348F110, 3348F111, 3348F112, 3348F120, 3348F130, 3348F140, 3348F180, 3348F181, 3348F162, 3348F163, 3348F170, 3348F180, 3348F210, 3348F220, 3348F430, 3348F450, 3348F451, 3348F460, 3348F461, 3348F462, 3348F470, 3348F471, 3348F480, 3348F481, 3348F482, 3348F490, 3348F491, 3348F492, 3348F493, 3348F510, 3348F511, 3348F512, 3348F550, 3348F560, 3348F561, 3348F580, 3348F581, 3348F590, 3348F591, 3348F610, 3348F611, 3348F660, 3348F950T, 3348F951T, 3349F1SOT, 3349F181T, 3349F190T, 3362F770, 3362F771, 3363F440, 3363F450, 3363F451, 3363F520, 3363F770, 3363F800, 3363F801, 3363F820, 3363F821, 3363F821G, 3363F840, 3363F841, 3363F841E, 3363F841G, 3363F850, 3363F851, 3363F851G, 3363F860, 3363F861, 3363F861G, 3363F870, 3363F871, 3363F872, 3363F880, 3363F881, 3363F882, 3363F910, 3363F911, 3363F920, 3363F921, 3363F922, 3363F950, 3363F951, 3363F960, 3363F961, 3363F970, 3363F971, 3363F980, 3363F981, 3363F990, 3363F991, 3363F991G, 3369F080, 3369F081, 3369F081G, 3369F170T, 3369F171T, 3369F172G, 3369F172T, 3388F18Cry, 3369F200H, 3369F200P, 3388F22Cry, 3369F270G, 3369F270T, 3369F280G, 3369F280H, 3369F280P, 3369F280T, 3369F290G, 3369F290T, 3369F360E, 3432420, 3432F420, 3432F421, 3432F422, 3532F070, 3532F071, 3532F100, 3532F110, 3532F130, 3532F140, 3541F020, 3542F430, 3542F440, 3542F580, 3542F590, 3542F591, 3542F640, 3542F760, 3542F831/A, 3542F833, 3542F834, 3542F835, 3542F880, 3542F910, 3542F930, 3542F970, 3543F020, 3546E100, 3546E101, 3546E160, 3546E161, 3546E162, 3546E163, 3546E164, 3546E171, 3546E180, 3548E181, 3548E182, 3582F180, 3562F181, 3562F270, 3562F290, 3562F291, 3562F310, 3562F330, 3562F331, 3562F333, 3562F334, 3562F770, 3832F280V7, 3642F270, 3642F280, 3642F300, 3642F310, 3642F320, 3642F440, 3642F460, 3642F490, 3642F491, 3642F500, 3642F501, 3642F650, 3642F670, 3663F090G, 3663F090T, 3942F010, 3942F011, 3942F040, 3942F041, 3942F210, 3942F211, 3962F030, 3962F031, 3962F033, C3248F880, R3233F520, R3233F530, R3432F420, V3342F771, V3342F780, V3343F380, V3642F300, V3642F320

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