Seal repair kit for Lucas Delphi DPC pumps with turbo. Non genuine


Lucas CAV DPC fuel pump overhaul kit. This is a quality Non-Genuine kit

Lucas/Delphi DPC Fuel Injection Pump Repair Kit commonly fitted to French cars of the 80’s and 90’s

If you require a genuine Dephi kit these are also available HERE




Lucas/Delphi DPC / DPCN pump overhaul kit commonly fitted to French cars and some Fords and Fiats of the 80’s and 90’s – Non-Genuine Delphi kit

If you prefer a genuine Dephi kit these are also available HERE

Fits the following pumps:

8445B081A, 8445B090A, 8445B120A, 8445B120B, 8445B250A, 8445B251B, 8448B020A, 8448B021A, 8448B022A, 8448B023A, 8448B031A, 8448B032A, 8448B033A, 8448B034A, 8448B060A, 8448B061B, 8448B070A, 8448B071В, 8448В092А, 8448В093В, 8448В094В, 8448В094С, 8448В095С, 8448В096С, 8448В100А, 8448В101А, 8448В250А, 8448В251А, 8448В252А, 8448В253А, 8448В260А, 8448B261B, 8448B262C, 8448B301A, 8448B320A, 8448B321A, 8478B300A, 8478B301A, 8478B380A, 8443120A, 8443121В, 8443250А, 8443251В, 8443А121В, 8443А122В, 8443А251В, 8443А252С, 8443А253С, 8443А340А, 8443А341А, 8443А350А, 8443А350В, 8443А410А, 8443В123В, 8443В124В, 8443В125В, 8443В254С, 8443B255D, 8443В256Е, 8443B257F, 8443В342А, 8443В343В, 8443B351A, 8443B351B, 8443B352C, 8443B352D, 8443B353E, 8443B353F, 8443B354E, 8443B354F, 8443B355E, 8443B355F, 8443B361B, 8443B362B, 8443B363B, 8443B411A, 8443B412A, 8443B413A, 8443B431B, 8443B431C, 8443B432D, 8443B433D, 8443B442C, 8443B442D, 8443B443E, 8443B444F, 8443B445F, 8443B451B, 8443B451B-MODA, 8443B452C, 8443B453D, 8443B454D, 8443B455D, 8443B456D, 8443B620A, 8443B621A, 8443B640A, 8443B721B, 8443B721C, 8443B722D, 8443B740A, 8443B741A, 8443B742A, 8443B743B, 8443B744B, 8443B745B, 8443B747D, 8443B748E, 8443B749F, 8443B760A, 8443B783D, 8443B783E, 8443B792C, 8443B793C, 8443B794C, 8443B795D, 8443B796E, 8443B871B, 8443B871C, 8443В880A, 8443В881А, 8443В891С, 8443B891D, 8443В940А, 8443B941A, 8443B992B, 8443B994C, 8443B995D, 8443B996E, 8444B020A, 8444B021A, 8444B040A, 8444B041A, 8444В140A, 8444В141В, 8444В180А, 8444В281В, 8444В282С, 8444В283С, 8444В284С, 8444В285С, 8444В292С, 8444В293С, 8444В294С, 8444В295С, 8444В340А, 8444В411В, 8444В411С, 8444B412D, 8444В412Е, 8444В430А, 8444В431А, 8444В440А, 8444В441А, 8444В530А, 8444В582В, 8444В583С, 8444В584С, 8444В630А, 8444В631В, 8444В632В, 8444В640А, 8444В641В, 8444В720А, 8444В720В, 8444В721В, 8444В730А, 8444В731А, 8444В800А, 8444В810А, 8444В850А, 8444В860А, 8473В050А, 8473В051А, 8473В100А, 8473В101В, 8473В102В, 8473В140А, 8473В200А, 8473В201А, 8473В250А, 8473В251А, 8473В252А, 8473В253А, 8473В254А, 8473В270А, 8473B340A, 8473B360A, 8473B370A

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