Complete overhaul kit for Simms Minimec 8 cylinder diesel injection pumps


Simms Minimec 8 cylinder pump overhaul kit


Simms Minimec 8 cylinder pump overhaul kit containing all seals for overhauling the injection pump, commonly fitted to Perkins V8 engines

Includes the following:

Sealing ring (Ref. 126065-4)
D.V. holder joint (Ref. 503701)
Washer (Ref. 500373)
Gasket (Ref. 516338)
Washer (Ref. 101404)
Sealing Washer (Ref. 86816)
Washer (Ref. 7185-815E)
Washer (Ref. 7185-815E)
Washer (Ref. 7185-815E)
Seal (Ref. 503076)
Washer (Ref. 501062)
Gasket (Ref. 507450)
Washer (Ref. 21005)
Sealing Washer (Ref. 500934)
Washer (Ref. 20543)
Sealing ring (Ref. 126067-50)
Washer (Ref. 500079)
Shroud (Ref. 500423)
Sealing ring (Ref. 126064-5)
Locking plate (Ref. 503741)
Sealing ring (Ref. 126064-7)
Washer (Ref. 500973)
Sealing ring (Ref. 126067-7)
Sealing ring (Ref. 126064-7)
Gasket (Ref. 503085)

Fits Pump Numbers: P4883-1, Р5059-4, P5059-4D, P5059-4G, P5061-1, P5062-2, P5064, P5101


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